Beauty queen shot dead after leading killers to restaurant serving octopus ceviche

Investigators found photos of the beauty queen on Norero’s phone and evidence of the lavish gifts he gave her after his death, including apartments and cars.

“If my wife finds out anything about her, I’m screwed,” Norero had said about Párraga to an alleged criminal associate, Helive Ángulo.

He added: “My friend, her name cannot appear anywhere. Otherwise my world will collapse.”

Mr. Ángulo is one of about 50 people facing charges as a result of Operation Metastasis, the investigation into a criminal network accused of corrupting Ecuadorian state officials.

Those charged include judges accused of favoring gang leaders, police officials accused of tampering with evidence and supplying weapons to prisons, and the former director of Ecuador’s Prisons Authority, accused of special treatment to a powerful drug trafficker.