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These media are in Bogotá one of the events that become much more important for the mujeres in the world of Fintech, your goal is inspired to inspire more mujeres and strengthen the cambio in the sector technologies y the financing, among the ideas that are out there.

During the second edition of Women Colombia Fintech there is a period that reunites 250 people and exitosomes, funds and directors of companies that actually propagate the paradigm of social paradigms in the field of technology and innovation.



The attention of Maria Mercedes Agudelo, one of the brains that is this encuentro, read panelists who compare their experiences, back and solutions on May 15 at the Country Club de Bogotá.

The mistake Gobier is causing with the reactivation plan

“We are dealing with the proposal of strong individuals and the creation of solid communities that continue to give impetus to the membership and exploration of women in the sector, with a consolidating basis on its merits, conocimientos, capacidades and sinergias”, this is a voice.


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One of the central themes is this encuentro, if you have a second version, there are several possibilities in the negotiation with the participation of great experts in strategy and development. The transformation of the financial industry through innovation and its integration may also provide other themes of the event.

WOM admits that the company is being reorganized by the super associations

“The proposal is clear: the ratio is essential for creating a plenum on its capacities and destructions. Creemos in the construction of an inclusive and equal company, ensures that diversity is celebrated not only at sea in the core capital of financial innovation,” said Agudelo.



Nombres such as Carolina Pineda, the Mis Propias Finanzas; and Karen Carvajalino, from The Biz Nation, and other empresarias such as Patricia Mora, from Nomura and Alexandra Mendoza, from Liquitech, shared the panel of experts. Ellas contarán his personal privacy on the large business enterprise, which offers a feminine view.

It is a note that Colombia reports the relationship breakdown in Israel

The latest results of this event are that this idea has become an idea of ​​a realization of 47.6% of the working conditions and ten years ago a bag of 11.6% of the DANE-cifras (2023) ).


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It is especially important to provide opportunities There are many favors between the sectors, for education, salud and work that is fairly rewarded. It is a matter of consciously participating in all social actors, eliminating desigualdades of generos and roles, and including racial, geographical and cultural aspects,” he concludes.

Riesgo para el carb ny el café por la ruptura con Israel

In view of the Women Colombia Fintech resale, this is a value that is integral to the female company that creates and transforms with expertise, consistency and the panorama of technology and financing. As you participate in the construction of this country’s present and future future, part of a world that is competitive and global.