650 beach volleyball enthusiasts boosted Playa Sámara’s economy ⋆ Costa Rica News

The third date of the National Beach Volleyball Championship that took place on April 20 and 21 in the community of Sámara de Nicoya attracted approximately 650 people, according to the calculation of the Federation of that sport.

This competition received the support of the Playa Sámara Tourism Chamber (CTPS) and the Municipality of Nicoya, organizations that managed to form a public-private alliance to, among other things, encourage the arrival of domestic and foreign visitors.

Carlos Echandi, president of the Costa Rican Volleyball Federation, described the test in Playa Sámara as “a complete success thanks to the relationship between all parties and which we hope will continue for many years to come. While he is in office, you can have full assurance of that. every year we make progress.”

Bringing many international events to Sámara

“We are going to explore the possibility of bringing international events to Sámara, because we have on the agenda two international beach competitions that we could hold in early December. In addition, I am committed to organizing a tournament from North, Central America and the Caribbean (NORCECA) with approximately 32 world-class couples, possibly American, Canadian, Mexican, Puerto Rican and Cuban couples,” Echandi emphasized.

As part of the sporting event agenda, the ecological Blue Flag recently obtained by Playa Sámara de Nicoya was displayed. The President of the Federation emphasized that the date of beach volleyball in Sámara is a first step for the development of future projects in that community.

Promising future

Xavi Palomar, President of the CTPS, indicated that the arrival of beach volleyball in Sámara is part of the Chamber’s initiatives to stimulate the economy with a tourism market segment – such as sports – which is characterized, among other things, by being a “very healthy” audience, who generally travel with family and enjoy admiring the beauty of nature.

“For us as an organization, these types of strategies are essential for several reasons. Firstly, it serves as a strategy to position ourselves in the world of competitions, apart from supporting local commerce such as hotels and restaurants and; Moreover, it ensures that the name Sámara remains permanent. We estimate the economic impact of this event on local trade at approximately ¢10 million colones,” Palomar said.

During the weekend of the beach volleyball date, the opportunity was taken to raise the Ecological Blue Flag, an award awarded to Playa Sámara after 10 years of absence thanks to the efforts of the House Committee through actions such as cleaning days, reforestation and reclamation of soil more solid waste. The ceremony had the support of the Nicoya Municipality, who brought the Nicoya Symphonic Band and a marimba.

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