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Putin’s ally calls Ukrainian leader an ‘idiot’ and a ‘bastard’ in expletive-laden tirade

A regular part of reporting on the war in Ukraine are the often belligerent statements by one of Vladimir Putin’s most prominent allies, Dmitry Medvedev.

The Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation is notorious for his inflammatory language and repeated Cold War-style invocations of nuclear threats, which are often dismissed by most Western commentators.

Some analysts have even suggested that the former president’s propensity for such wild outbursts is specifically intended to portray himself as an erratic character who cannot be considered a viable rival to Putin — and thus the fate of other figures who are considered a considered a threat to the leader’s authority. .

It is through that lens that many will view his latest comments, which ostensibly include his thoughts on the Ukraine peace conference due to take place in Switzerland in June – to which Russia has not been invited.

His assessment is perhaps unsurprisingly dismissive, going so far as to imply that the summit means positive news for Moscow.

“What is Russia’s gain from the Swiss ‘peace conference’?” he asks in his social media post.

“It’s actually threefold. First, it will be yet another proof of the failure of the loser Zelensky’s (sic) so-called peace plan.”

He follows this by referring to the Ukrainian leader as “the bandera b******”, in an attempt to associate him with a Ukrainian far-right leader from the mid-20th century.

The Kremlin has long sought to portray Ukraine’s leadership as far-right neo-Nazis, efforts that have been widely rejected by commentators on the region.

“Secondly, it will be a visible proof of the complete powerlessness of the current Western elites, who have carried out painful self-castration of their own potential to stop the military conflict,” Medvedev continued.

“Besides, it was done on the direct orders of a group of senile doctors from Washington.

“Third, it will enable our armed forces to further cleanse the territories of Malorossen (little Russia) of neo-Nazis, without any hindrance and respect for some ‘peace initiatives’.”

After predicting “the final collapse of Ukraine’s former political regime,” he concludes: “Thank you, the land of cheese and watches!”