Eyewitness account refutes social media video of school fight

On Friday, April 26, 2024, the Laborie Police Department formally arrested Adina Blanchard of Cedar Heights, Vieux Fort, charging her in relation to an altercation she had with a male student on April 24, 2024.

In connection with this case, Blanchard was charged with two counts of unlawful damage, two counts of assault, one count of trespassing and one count of serious damage.

The anonymous eyewitness claims that the male student and his friends repeatedly abused Blanchard’s daughter.

“Contrary to what the video circulating on social media shows involving the parent and teen, I am merely clarifying that the victim has previously been the target of bullying at school.”

The eyewitness claims the students attacked Blanchard’s daughter again on the same day of the altercation, April 24.

The bully, accompanied by two other male friends, viciously attacked her on April 24. The victim contacted the director, who asked her to stay in the office for no apparent reason. That resulted in hours of waiting.”

The eyewitness reports that Blanchard’s daughter suffered numerous injuries to her body as a result of the alleged harassment of the male students. Despite the numerous injuries, the eyewitness claims that the school authorities did nothing to alleviate the situation.

“Hours after the teenagers attacked the victim, causing injuries to her head, jaw, teeth and face, school authorities were alerted to the situation but did little about it, causing the situation to escalate. At this time, the brutal attacks on the victim have led to the need for extensive operations,” she said.

The eyewitness is pleading with the school and the Ministry of Education to tackle bullying in the institution.

“This situation should not have escalated in this way. Therefore, I implore the authorities and school faculties to take necessary steps and take swift action to tackle and curb bullying in schools.”