Omega y su ritual for double dinner in Desafío XX – Publimetro Colombia

The time has come from April 1st ‘Desafío XX’ They have now been converted to one of the favorite formats of Caracol television, which still lacks some of the competences, liveliness and other currencies of all the participants.

At the age of 23, if you are in the box with a contact problem, there are three people who end up in the Ciudad de Las Cajas for the punishment and the service, as for a bounty of 20 million pesos.

The result of House Omega is that the power of a magisterial judge is to make the main characters disappear. If you are considering the house of Beta, you should take into account the second step in the competency that the possibilities of the house of Alpha provide and when you arrive.


As an embargo, all the house Omega has been blamed for the consequences, that Anamar and Renzo are bad in the competence, but you continue with the food and the man repeat that Omega can eat ten to do the arrivals, because they do tomaron el cumulo de billetes y lo empezzaron a pasar desde abajo hacia arriba repitiendo “gracias, gracias, esto se va a triplicar, dinero, más dinero, atraigo, atraigo, atraigo dinero”.

The fact that the beginning of the program of the house of Omega did not benefit the differences in money, but that the reorganization of the participants can be reorganized by the government of the population, that Kevyn finds himself in one of the storylines of the houses, by the dinner you must do.

Although we know that Alpha made the decision about the cuts on the beach, a discussion came between Beba with his partner who did the eviction of ‘Desafío XX’, and it is