Protesta and Ecogas: atendieron solo emergency – Notas – Ahora país

The co-workers of Ecogas It’s a challenge to work with payroll requests, which typically provide demos to pay for usage fees.

Miguel Arroyo, Secretary of the Works Council, explains: “The service to your part of the technique is a moment when the asambles last with minimal supervision. It is the conclusion that only the emergency situations will occur”.

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The requests made in recent years have already reached 4,000 with a phone call from Juan B. Justo, at the Ecogas plant, and continue for four days of 15 hours. If no solution is possible, the situation is moved to the next period.

As a company, the company has not received another salary corresponding to the month of April, but the Ecogas insurance that no longer sustains this claim.

It seems that this situation may affect the gas sector in other provinces and there is no impetus for a reunion between national companies to discuss salary.