Grupo de trabajo de OCDE presenta in Chile reports on the phenomenon of information provision

The organism’s international hub dis/misinformation came into effect during the Ministerial Meeting of the OCDE for Democracy in November 2022, for example by participating in the ministry of Secretary General of Gobierno, Camila Vallejo.

The group of the trabajo (o Hub) on board the disinformation of the organization for the cooperation and the Desarrollo Económicos (OCDE), the integrated Chile – representation by the Ministerio Secretaría General de Gobierno-, in Lithuania, Finland, Luxembourg, Noruega , Grecia, Colombia, Unidos en Francia, un conocer es un report en español de la title de la document, “He is falsely confronted: democracy is strengthened by the integration of the information”.

The text presented in Chile is jueves 02 May at the commemorative meeting of the 31° Conferencia del Día Mundial de la Libertad de Prensa, at the Cultural Center of La Moneda, body donde the Ministry of the Secretary General of Gobierno, Camila Vallejo , junto of the Division for Anti-Corruption and Integrity in the Gobierno of the OCDE, Julio Bacio, has discussed the main conclusions of the document which indicate that the various países have become the phenomenon of disinformation and that herramientas to influence the fortalecer Integration of the information about the civilian population.

“There is a huge flow of beginners. You can inform yourself that this is information, an information that cannot help you analyze a diagnosis of the art of information technology in the world, but you can make recommendations. It is important that it is an agenda that is pursued and discussed. The purpose of these compromises and the push for more people to be defenders and protectors of new democracies is to improve them with the phenomenon of information provision. There is no problem with the content of the social economy, because its effects are increasing in the different countries of the world,” said the Vallejo ministry.

Según de reporte, en la participation in países como Australia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Estonia, Finlandia, France, Alemania, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Letonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Países Bajos, Noruega, Portugal, República Eslovaca , España, Suecia, Suiza, Turquía and Unidos Estados, is a “first evaluation of the references of the countries of the OCDE is of great importance for the government Mediterranean to find an entor on the information that can be prosperous, and then to give priority to freedom the expression is the human expression”.

The text of 159 pages is divided over the heads to make the países in the political diseño: a marco must be an integral part to counter the information information and reform the integrity of the information; implement policies to increase transparency, display of signals and plurality of information flows; promoting social resilience and disinformation; and most of the government medicine and institutional architecture to manage the integrity of the information space.

“The provision of information provision with features common to the local context is a catalyst to explore more of the constructive paper that can be developed to improve integrated information integration. It is said that there is a lot of information available that favors the available information, plurals, basadas and hechos contrasts, and allows the personas to develop a varied ideas to make information decisions and carry out their greater decisions ”, said Julio Bacio.

Integral information: can it be on the side of the gobiernos?

Anyway, the reform of the integrated information and it can be addressed by the gobiernos?, a central part of the discussion discussed by the initial palabras in the presentation of the reporting. With the moderation of the period of Carolina Urrejola, he realized a conversation on the division of the Anti-Corruption and Integrity in the Gobierno of the OCDE, Julio Bacio, which has above all a relationship with the freedom of the expansion of the Interamerican Commission of Derechos Humanos (CIDH), Pedro Vaca; the expert of the Comisión Asesora contra de Desinformación de Chile, Ingrid Bachmann, and the political council and jefa of the Prensa department and the Comunicación de la Embajada de Francia en Chile, Solen Kerloc’h, takes the decision to open the aumento de la to investigate Because the information on the propio documents presented has guided many of the public sector’s political interests, national security has played a major role.

El Hub Dis/Misinformation from the OCDE

The hub of the trabajo group operates during the Cumbre Ministerial de la OCDE for the fortalecimiento of democracy in November 2022 in Luxembourg, an international example of participation in the ministry of the Secretary General of Gobierno, Camila Vallejo, and representative of Chile and the reunion of the Comité de Gobernanza Pública.