Partido Verde pidió research al presidente del Senado, Iván Name, ya la consejera Sandra Ortiz: “El Gobierno has the secuestrado al partido”

The part of the Verde that investigates the president of Senado, Iván Name – crédito Senado

Starting with a new national corruption captain in the National Association of Riesgo and Desastres (Ungrd), the ex-deputy director of the entity Sneyder Pinilla became known that he had become the President of the Chamber of Representatives and Senado to implement the reforms of President Gustavo Petro to feed.

A dialogue with the revision Semana, It indicates that the Presidential Council for the Regions Sandra Ortiz, President of the Government, is for Senator Iván Name, the party of Alianza Verde, who received the sobornos.

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“If the contract is against the roots, according to the person involved, the doctor’s name and the doctor’s name. Lo que yo hago is que le digo a contratista que es de la Unidad: ‘Venga, hágame un favour, presteme 4,000 millionones de pesos… This contratista me presta los 4,000 millones y son los que yo posteriormente entrego (…) Bueno It is an era in which people are important in the process. The PhD Sandra (Ortiz) has written a post on the topic Name, to do more. Give the person a name intended to start. Ella era la mensajera”, le dijo Sneyder Pinilla a Semana.

By conoculating the situation, the Alianza Verde party and all their militants have responded to the investigation relevant against the President of the Senate, militant activists of this collective, and the exsenadora of the party Sandra Ortiz, who is counsel for the regions la Presidencia.

“Conocciendo por los medios de comunicación deuncias muy graves sobre presuntas conductas contrarias a la ley y to the nuestro branch of the party of Senator Iván Name Vásquez y la Consejera Presidencial para Regiones, doctora Sandra Ortiz Nova, requests to consult on the formal investigation the Consejo de Control Etico del Alianza Verde, to determine the degree of compromise with the public corruption practices, the violation of the regime and the discipline of the party, can determine the responsibilities of individuals and determine the sanctions that our hubbiere lugar” , in which Alianza Verde makes a communication journey.