Check Out Spotify’s Map Of Most Popular Metal Bands From Each Country

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An online map has been circulated, showcasing the current top band from each country. Shared by Reddit user Axxelschweiss, the data was gathered from Spotify statistics.

Axxelschweiss explained their motivation: “I was looking for a list of the most listened-to metal bands of each country, and there wasn’t one. So I did the work by myself and created this map.”

In the Reddit comments, Axxelschweiss clarified that the map reflects current-year data and does not represent all-time popularity. They also addressed classification challenges, noting that BABYMETAL from Japan might not universally be considered metal and could be replaced by SIM. In Sweden, GHOST would supplant SABATON if not for differing opinions on their genre classification.

Additionally, a legend at the map’s bottom denotes countries represented by numbers due to space constraints. Greyed-out countries lack sufficient data for inclusion on the chart.

North America

  • Canada: Spiritbox
  • USA: Metallica
  • Mexico: Anabantha
  • Dominican Republic: La Armada
  • Cuba: Zeus
North America Most Popular Metal Bands

South America

  • Brazil: Sepultura
  • Peru: Difonia
  • Colombia: Kraken
  • Venezuela: Cultura Tres
  • Bolivia: Alcoholika La Christo
South America Most Popular Metal Bands


  • U.K.:Black Sabbath
  • Germany: Rammstein
  • France: Gojira
  • Norway: Dimmu Borgir
  • Iceland: Solstafir
  • Sweden: Sabaton
  • Ireland: Primordial
  • Italy: Wind Rose (the Reddit user noted that the map wrongly says Lacuna Coil)
  • Finland: Nightwish
  • Russia: Slaughter to Prevail
Europe Most Popular Metal Bands


  • South Africa: XavlegbmaofffassssitimiwoamndutroabcwapwaeiippohfffX
  • Madagascar: Beyond Your Ritual
  • Zimbabwe: Dividing the Element
  • Botswana: Overthrust
  • Namibia: Arcana XXII
  • Angola: Sands in Darkness
Africa Most Popular Metal Bands

Middle East + Asia

  • Pakistan: Takatak
  • Iran: Confess
  • Kazakhstan: Ulytau
  • China: Nine Treasures
  • Japan: Babymetal
  • Mongolia:The HU
  • India: Bloodywood
  • Indonesia: Dane
Middle East Most Popular Bands

Australia + New Zealand

  • Australia: Parkway Drive
  • New Zealand: Alien Weaponry
Australia New Zealand Most Popular Metal Bands