Haiti has been plunged into chaos by gang attacks, days after the new prime minister was announced

In a harrowing show of force, gangs in Haiti launched an attack on several neighborhoods in Port-au-Prince, setting fire to homes and protracted gun battles with law enforcement.

The rampage occurred in the early hours of Thursday and marked one of the most significant attacks since the announcement of Haiti’s new prime minister.

The attack began late Wednesday, spreading fear and destruction through neighborhoods including Solino, Delmas 18, 20 and 24, located southwest of the city’s main international airport.

These areas, gripped by brutal gang violence, witnessed a night of terror as armed groups unleashed chaos, forcing residents to flee to safety.

Desperate escape

Residents like Néne, who witnessed the chaos firsthand, described a scene of utter devastation.

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Many fled for their lives, saving only the bare necessities, carrying dusty suitcases full of clothes as they sought refuge from the violence.

A city transformed

Once busy thoroughfares turned into ghostly enclaves, deserted except for the eerie echoes of gunfire and the occasional presence of armored police vehicles patrolling charred streets.

Amid the ruins, graffiti with the ominous message “Viv Babecue” served as a stark reminder of the gang’s dominance.

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An exodus

The violence sparked a mass exodus, with displaced residents fleeing on foot, motorcycles or crowded taps, clutching whatever belongings they could salvage.

For many, the flight was a painful ordeal, marked by the loss of homes and cherished possessions.

Gang rule

The attack, orchestrated in an area under the control of gang leader Jimmy Chérizier, alias ‘Barbecue’, underlined the reign of terror imposed by powerful criminal syndicates such as the G9 family and its allies.

These groups, involved in a wave of coordinated attacks in the capital, have plunged Haiti into a state of perpetual unrest.

Political upheaval

Against this backdrop of violence, Haiti is grappling with political instability as the abrupt appointment of a new prime minister threatens to deepen divisions within the transitional presidential council.

As rival factions vie for power, ordinary Haitians are demanding decisive action to curb the escalating threat from criminal gangs.

With more than 2,500 victims in the first quarter of the year alone and tens of thousands of people fleeing their homes due to escalating violence, Haiti is teetering on the edge of the abyss.