the banca in Colo Colo is titular in the final of Argentina

The former Colo Colo had a moment in Vélez Sarsfield, in the orders of Gustavo Quinteros. Now, play a final.

Agustín Bouzat went to the fall of Valez.
© Twitter: Velez SarsfieldAgustín Bouzat went to the fall of Valez.

With the propio Gustavo Quinteros en la banca de Colo Colo, Agustin Bouzat not an absolute title. The Argentine entrance, in general, in the second half of the duels in Colo Colo and your part of the match.

But I think it’s part of the music that his technique, Gustavo Quinteros, has. If Bouzat plays the prestamo in Colo Colo, the club turns his last time, Velez Sarsfield, just against the ex-technology of Cacique.

No mention of Bouzat whatsoever. If you can no longer stay during the last tram of the 2023 tournament in Colo Colo, probably with the wrong technology in the Fort, get some form of identity.

If there is an embargo, other escuadra is another opportunity. It is clear that the advances in the Copa of the League Argentina have become clear. Much, if you doubt, you will regret more and nothing more. Now, the finalist and Agustín Bouzat immediately become titular.

What happened in Colo Colo?

August 12, 2023 represented a time for and a time lost for the Chiqui Bouzat in Colo Colo. Already part of the titular title, the Argentinian Argentinian player had an empath before Coquimbo in a fecha, eventually relegated to the bench.

During the entire process, the bench is only used to discuss for a few minutes. During the Copa Chile, the title becomes unclear and the ending is declared when the time comes.

There are some acontecías in the retorno of Vélez Sarsfield. The first parties are during a convocado. Luego, iba a la banca. On February 27, before Tigre, the cambio went: the title in and from the whole sacría of the puesto.

Agustín Bouzat became titular for the important and decisive final of the Copa of the Liga Argentina, before the Estudiantes of La Plata. The party starts at 2:30 PM in Chile.