Week 10 Veto Power Competition Results – Big Brother Network Canada

Big Brother Canada 12 week 10 Veto results: Lexus, Todd, Bayleigh and Anthony, and Arisa Cox

The last Big brother Canada Today 12 Digital Daily took place. Most of it involved the guests just talking about life in the BBCAN12 house and the recent activities such as the Big Brother Canada awards. However, we did get one valuable piece of information: who won the last Power of Veto competition.

As we discussed yesterday, the odds are high for both Anthony or Todd to leave the match in the last four. Bayleigh is the head of the household, so she is completely safe. Lexus was in danger, but not as much as Todd and Anthony. It was also a 2 vs. 2 Veto battle as one side would vote out Todd and the other would probably vote out Anthony.

Now we know which team won and who is likely to leave the match in the last four.

BBCAN12 Week 10 Veto results

  • Lexus has won the Power of Veto competition

This means that Lexus comes out of the block and casts the final vote. Lexus and Todd became close in their final days in the US Big brother Canada 12 house. However, their new bond won’t overwhelm her deep and long-lasting relationship with Anthony. She will vote to evict Todd. This means the final three will be Anthony, Lexus and Bayleigh.

It wouldn’t make sense for Lexus to take Todd to the final three because that would hurt her chances of making it to the final two. Anthony and Bayleigh will both probably see her through to the end. While Todd and Bayleigh in the final three mean they’ll probably see each other through to the end.

Big Brother Canada 12 Week 10 Veto Results – Lexus

The Digital Daily ends with Aris Cox appears on the screen to warn guests of this early eviction. That’s why Todd has already left the club Big brother Canada 12 house. We probably won’t see his eviction until Tuesday’s episode. I’d be surprised if Lexus votes Anthony out, so I think it’s safe to assume Todd is out and Anthony is in the final three as well.

Congratulations to Lexus for winning the Veto and reaching the final three.

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