Carlong Publishers and Sangster’s Book Stores will donate books to 50 schools

Carlong Publishers (Caribbean) Limited and Sangster’s Book Stores Ltd have teamed up to donate books and gift vouchers to 50 early childhood settings across the island.

The donation is part of Carlong’s “Make Every Child a Reader – Early Childhood Literacy Campaign.”

In its efforts to promote literacy, Carlong Publishers said it continues to work closely with the Ministry of Education and all other stakeholders, who will be special guests at a handover ceremony to be held at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel on May 16, 2024. .

The donation has a value of more than J$3.9 million and includes a range of school and reading books suitable for children aged three to six.

According to a company press release, 2,700 books and gift cards will be awarded to recipients selected by the Early Childhood Commission.

As partners in the education process, Carlong said it has maintained its commitment to providing high-quality educational materials to students in the Caribbean, as well as ensuring that Jamaican children in early childhood realize their full educational potential.