Police called about Jay Blades’ claims after The Repair Shop star’s wife and sister shared a flurry of social media posts

Police are investigating the claims made by Jay Blades’ wife and her sister.

West Mercia Police confirmed to The Sun this evening that they have launched an investigation after the siblings made allegations on social media.

Jay Blades and his wife Lisa have separated after eighteen months of marriageCredit: Instagram
Fitness guru Lisa, 43, described herself as ‘heartbroken’ by the shock splitCredit: Instagram
Lisa married the BBC presenter in Barbados 18 months agoCredit: Instagram
Lisa’s sister Teresa Zbozen posted a cryptic message on Instagram

It comes after The Repair Shop star’s wife Lisa Zbozen, 44, confirmed last night that the couple’s marriage was over.

She said: ‘I tried everything to make my marriage work.

“You have no idea what it was like.”

Her sister Teresa Zbozen has since referred to “the use of code words in messages and calls to ensure it is safe to call.”

She also wrote about “keeping the secret,” adding, “Right now, I am nothing but grateful, relieved, and hopeful for my sister’s future. future outside her marriage.”

Fitness trainer Lisa – who married Jay in Barbados in November 2022 – posted a statement on Instagram confirming the split.

Furniture restorer and broadcaster Jay, 54, has been previously married and has three children.

Teresa wrote on Instagram today: “Processing and trying to understand how or why someone you love could end up in this situation has been difficult.

“Keeping it secret, using code words in messages and calls to make sure it’s safe to call, until it all became too much, has left me with a range of emotions.

“Right now, I’m just grateful, relieved and hopeful for my sister’s future outside of her marriage. There are so many whys? So many questions that we certainly won’t get answers to.”

She also said, “For those who can’t understand why @lisamariezbozen has spoken out and taken action, I ask: what would you do?”

It is believed Jay still lives in the couple’s luxurious country home in Ironbridge, Shropshire, protected by a two-metre high electronic gate.

Lisa’s messages have indicated that she no longer lives there and that she has gone to her sister’s house.

Jay has not commented on the split.

He had announced earlier this week that he was taking a break from social media following the death of his uncle Richard Brathwaite, 72, which he said had “really affected” him.

He added: “I’m taking a break from social media for a while and I’ll be right back. I’m going to get some therapy and just relax.”

Mr Braithwaite was found dead in Wembley, north London, in March.

In her social media posts, Lisa cried as she confessed that despite wanting “so much for the marriage to work,” she felt like she “couldn’t be enough.”

She admitted to her 141,000 followers: “I don’t really believe, I still don’t really believe that this is actually real because if you knew how much I loved my husband and how much I tried to make this work over and over again.

“I just wanted it so bad and I couldn’t be enough. It seemed like I could never get it right.”

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Lisa broke the news of their split earlier on Thursday, writing: “I don’t know how to say this because it’s still very raw.

“I should probably be really angry, but I’m just incredibly sad about the whole thing right now.”

The couple own a lavish estate in ShropshireCredit: Rex
Jay with Neil Fraser and Mark Stuckey in the BBC showCredit: BBC