Juanfer Quintero invited to participate in a racing circuit

Racing club

Due to the Racing paper during the Copa Argentina, Colombia is becoming bigger with an aspect of academia being invited.

Juanfer Quintero started a race interval in the Copa Argentina and invited him to race
© TyC Sports / Prensa RacingJuanfer Quintero started a race interval in the Copa Argentina and invited him to race

To race protagonizes a verdadero papelón in la Copa Argentina. Maybe you can’t get the most out of your husband Gustavo Costas y fue eliminado a manos de Talleres de Remedios de Escalada. If all goes well, the Centenario Ciudad de Quilmes stadium is located against the factory and the technology.

You’ve played part of the game, that’s what you do Costas decide that Juanfer Quintero fuera reemplazado en el complemento por Baltasar Rodriguez. While we have a cooler, it protects us from the football group, and protects all insults from all fans. If all goes well, the Colombian plant is part of the plant.

This manifesto is periodic Leonardo Paradizo NL ESPNentre la muchedumbre, Quintero It is an era where the fanatic has become that he loses his personality and invites someone! During the second phase, the living situation is completely isolated. If there is an embargo, the problem of academia in the zone of Colombia is identified.

And la cancha de QuilmesIf you get on the board, it is worth playing with the football players on the market, and you will take the wrong path to get to the court. We explain the dimensions of the feedback from Cervecero, the cronista who is the ex-volante of River Keep in mind the simple presentation that you accommodate the micro-delegation To race to run the concentration hotel. ¡A papelón!

Where Gustavo Costa goes through race elimination

Frustrated because you see the entrepreneur within 90 minutes To race fue clear in la rueda de prensa: “Jugamos mal y cuando jugas mal siempre perdés. This is a shame. If you have a friend, you can duel with all your friends. Parecíamos or tro equipment. I think I am the jugadores. Nos duele a todos“, aseveró.

“Hay que trabajar. Hey, that’s levantarse. It is a challenge to levante. It looks like you are using the campsite and the Sudamericana market. Tenemos that levantarnos go fast to reach the goal that is queremos”, concludes.

The proximo part of Racing

El jueves 9 de mayo, por la fecha 4 del Grupo H de la Copa Sudamericanala Academia visitará a Red Bull Bragantino. In the case of ganar, the final octave is classified.

Encuesta What is the act of Juanfer Quintero?

What is the act of Juanfer Quintero?

It’s a good thing that they can no longer do what they want.