Conference for Día Mundial de la Libertad de Prensa 2024

Since the start of the 31st edition of the Conferencia del Día Mundial de la Libertad de Prensa, an encuentro international that plays in Santiago de Chile lugar and with the Gobierno de Chile and the Unesco as anfitriones. This event, which will be extended on May 4, brings together destacados, scientific, artistic and political artists to address the crucial periodism and freedom of expression in the current global crisis, especially in the mediocre environment.

On the first day of the month of May, the opening ceremony was held with the presentation of the Director General of UNESCO, Audrey Azoulay, in chair of the Secretary General of the National Union, Antonio Guterres, who broadcast to a message from the video.

People have the freedom of prensa and justice

“The freedom of prensa is an angular corner for democracy and for the confrontation with the nuestros of nuestro,” says the director general of UNESCO. Since the Observatory of the Periodist Asesinados of UNESCO, a total of 44 ambient periodists, the life cycle at the highest level can last 15 years. In the case of British reporter Dom Phillips, who works in the Amazon region, his labor is being exploited.

The opening debate will include the participation of actor, producer and environmental activist Gael García Bernal, the former President of Chile and the former Committee of the National Football Associations for Derechos Humanos, Michelle Bachelet and the final of the Presidential President of Chile, Gabriel Boric, who completes the event.

The conference gathered periodical, scientific, artistic and political leaders to bring the periodism paper into the mediocre environment. (Photo: Presidentencia de Chile)

“The freedom of expression that does not allow democracy and does not allow any form of tampoco can lead to the emergence of new conviviality between local and global,” affirmed the President of Chile, who stressed the importance of Valentine’s Day and the need of the struggle has acknowledged. After the audience cheered and Mónica González’s presentation was applauded, the periodic exile in exile began before the golpe of Estado in 1973.

It is especially a special event in the Chilean periods that have collected their information, such as the periodical Francisca Sandoval, who experiences the life cycle of a disparo during the manifestations of May 2022. Además, who “has no more hay” justicia, se instala la impunidad”.

An incident during the opening conversation

The conference was interrupted with a manifesto, while the opinion of the periodical Sandoval was executed by the mandate of Chile, exigió “justicia” by his mother. The manifest critic of the mistake in the Government of Chile and the Ministry of the Interior, who has a forma part of the question, has not investigated the matter to clarify the matter and bring about justice for the period of the fall.

Manifestors interrupt the conference to demand justice through the reporter Francisca Sandoval. (Photo: UNESCO Youtube)

Primary activities

The first time we move on to more program activities, there are many plenary sessions. The first session focuses on the importance of freedom of expression and access to the information to be able to construct a future. The second session explored the different facilities that would appear on the Camino and that would end in the future. Finally, the session is one of the choices and opportunities they offer for a future inclusivity and equality for all.

Through 15 sessions dedicated to a varied theme including climatological information, environmental periodicals, basic research on dating in the amazing world, political information, financial matters and more. Moreover, we realize that there are more people concerned with the protection of the planet, on the journey of freedom of expression, of the periodization and toma of decisions.

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