Kevyn y Natalia now goes to Desafío XX – Publimetro Colombia

During the capital outlay 23 del ‘Desafío XX’ They live a lot with emotions, but the first time these equipments bring the most profit with the houses Alpha, Omega and Beta, the life of the main characters in the Gamma band is born.

The reorganization of the participants by some of the main characters arises from the home exchange, while the case of Kevyn in the era of the Beta main character and Natalia was the extinction of Gamma. If one of Natalia’s principles is most evident that she is drawn to Santiago, that she wants to celebrate a celebration for ‘El Cubo’, it may be that her mirada may be different.

Yes, that is the recent edition of Natalia who had a conversation with Kevyn about the fact that the participation of the participants and the way she disposes of her opinion is divided, which is a juego of palabras in that case There are no television broadcasts indicating that this is the case.


“Ese Kevyn con las su equipo en Beta era super serio y ahora anda en mera recochita con la Natalia”, “ese cuentico de Kevyn y Natalia me está dando rabia”, “Yo veo eso raro entre Natalia y Kevyn”, “Esa Natalia is huge, she is a Santi, and there is not much wrong with Kevyn, which is a pudiera” j “Esos acercamientos entre Kevyn y Natalia están sospechosos”son solo algunas de las reactions die destacan.

The fact is that we have heard the other couples of ‘Desafío XX’ son Luisa and Marlon as they have remained standing in Beta so that they can be separated by the main men. Even more Anamar and Renzo, who do this and live in their house, have a unity in Omega and breathe the first years in ‘El Cubo’.