Landslides claim twelve lives after heavy rainfall in Haiti

The aftermath of the brutal rainstorms in Cap-Haïtien has taken a devastating toll. Reports confirm the loss of at least twelve lives due to widespread flooding and landslides.

The Cap-Haïtien Municipal Commission has expressed its deep sadness over the tragedy and extends its condolences to the families of the victims.

Tragedy strikes

In one particularly poignant incident, Labori, a slum near Barrière Bouteille, bore the brunt of nature’s wrath when a landslide swept through the area, killing at least 11 people and destroying three houses.

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Rescue efforts are underway relentlessly, with both official teams and local residents scouring the rubble for survivors.

Tragically, another life was lost in this separate incident, compounding the toll of the natural disaster.

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Calls for vigilance and caution

As Cap-Haïtien grapples with the aftermath of the disaster, the municipal commission has issued a strong plea for residents to be vigilant and strictly adhere to the safety protocols established by civil protection authorities.

Residents are urged to avoid unnecessary travel, especially in areas identified as high landslide risk zones.

Mobilization for relief

In the aftermath of the disaster, the municipal committee mobilized resources to assist those affected and coordinate relief efforts.

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The committee is working closely with emergency services and local organizations and is steadfast in its commitment to overcome the tragedy and provide support to affected communities.