Ignacio Baladán is confronted with her life story in the reality of La Segura

Ignacio Baladán can be involved in production with the manual process. La Casa de los Famosos Colombia

And amid the great emotion, Ignacio Baladan you are primarily with con La Segura after the marriage proposal. If you have a lot of nerves, you will experience the reunion and the feelings of happiness. In the midst of the world and the past, there is no question of a child prodigy. In Uruguay, there are many details about the idea of ​​televised mooning.

Look what happened a lot Ignacio Baladan you will feel the tension when you do that La Segura There is another fact that with your spouse, the propio model and the ex-integrator ‘Esto es Guerra’ confession that you have no asylum, you can have spent your long years of life. Moreover, it remains a decision made with production to promote the propulsion of the sea in life.

After an evaluation, production has become final. It’s a way for Ignacio to become a marriage partner for compromise.

“Lo pedí hace un mes medio”, see the model. “How do you know what you’re doing? Mentira”, the new start. “Sí, yo llamé a la producción y hace 5 días me llaman y me dicen: ‘va, tal día’. You know one of the details of Baladán, which tells the advertisement in La Segura in some way with time. “I don’t know what is said and what happens when I do a lot of things,” I said, I wish I was your friend.

It’s a good time to compare La Segura you can experience your experience in reality. It’s no problem with your dear colleagues. Once you have done this, you can make a cake to make a brindis and grab a video for your trusted people, and let them know that you have a casar.

Ignacio Baladán received a marriage proposal in La Segura. La Casa de los Famosos Colombia

In the ultimate edition of ‘La Casa de los Famosos Colombia’program participating La Segura, the television and concursantes present one of the most romantic moments of the pareja. Mientras is in the ‘congelados’, appears Ignacio Baladan en terno y con un ramo de rosas.

Uruguay has begun its grand entrance La Segura tenía que seguir inmóvil. De lo contrario, perdía el reto. The model and the chef Uruguay, who lives in Peru because they have a part of the different realities, see their pareja and go through the year, their marriage. Thanks to Jefe, the influencer can pararse, abrazarlo and gritar with the vientos they accept the marriage propuesta.

Ignacio Baladán sorprende with emotional wedding announcement to Natalia Segura in ‘La Casa de los Famosos Colombia’.América TV

Natalia Seguramore conocida in the digital world as La SeguraI hold a position as one of the more influencers in the state Colombia j Latinoamérica. With a chance that involves more than 8 million seguidores Instagram, the influence of social reason lasted up to 9 years. Original the Kali, La Segura If you want to take over your native country, you have committed yourself to representing it in all possible aspects, both professionally and personally

While your time has changed, your career has become a completely different story, allowing you to get an exito on the digital platforms. The famous influence is not active solo Instagramsino también en YouTube j TikTokPlata formats in the different ways that comedy has more personal aspects of their lives. There is a love affair with the chef and the Uruguayan model Ignacio Baladan it’s been a year.

Participation in La Casa de los Famosos Colombia. It is an influencer and newcomer of Ignacio Baladán.