Disqualification of Diostado Capello vs. Edmundo Gonzalez (VIDEO)

God given hair. | Photo: courtesy

First Vice President of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSuv), Diostado Cabello RondónDuring a rally in the state of Sucre, he insulted the candidate of the Unitary Platform. Edmundo González.

“You have heard the unclean one speak, and do you not know who he is? Let us not be careless, the unclean is the candidate of imperialism, of Sayona, of those who call for sanctions, sieges and invasions. “He is the candidate of evil, of haters of the country, of capitalism, of last names, the candidate of the other country,” Capello said.

“You know, that dirty man also said a few years ago that he didn’t like women so that they would take on more responsibilities. According to him, women are not capable of doing that,” she added.

“It’s disrespectful to Venezuelan women. Because the one who gives him the football is the farmer’s wife, the teacher, the worker. “The one who stays home with the boys and never gives up.”

According to Deostato, “He doesn’t like black people either, because he’s white and racist, and the brothers of the indigenous people, the tribes, don’t like him.

“He’s angry at Quicayburo, Caracas, the Caribbean, and he doesn’t like people of different genders. Who is he to discriminate against a people, who is he to sow division among the Venezuelan people? “He is a racist, he is a man who hides behind a skirt,” Capello said. .

“A man who hides behind imperialism without showing his face and without speaking, because he is a coward when he speaks,” he shouted.