Petro tras romper relations with Israel –

Josep Borrell commented on the statements of European diplomacy when he made his diplomatic decision with Tel Aviv.

The President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro Cristian Bayona /

Fuente: RT

Colombia’s President Gustavo Petro confirmed the break in relations with Israel and the manifesto that has not rejected its genocide and “barbarism.”

In a publication into spare barbarism«.

“Diplomacy is the expression of economic and military power; The diplomacy is in the cambio, the frenzy of the pueblos, and the goal is not that the country and the humanitarian way of life in all our diversity, come together in your mutual cooperation.

There are confirmations of this statement from a statement by the High Representative of the European Union for External Asunts, Josep Borrell, who defends Petro and says that he is a «descaling brutal» by critic al Gobierno Hebrew.

The diplomatic record of European diplomacy that Tel Aviv has attributed to the Colombian president of anti-Semitism speaks against the continued aggressiveness in the Gaza Strip and says that the calification is the ‘air traffic’.

The pasado miércoles, the ministry of exterior israel, Israel Katz, calificó a Petro, the “antisemita lleno de odio”, luego de que the establishment of cortar lazos diplomaticos with this Estado, which gains access to part of the youth and that is official announcement in this jornada.