El Salvador lived the experience of the Concacaf Access

  • Concacaf Access is a unique event created by the Confederation to promote Central American football and its great commercial opportunities.
  • The meeting brought together football experts and created a space for unique experiences and knowledge.

San Salvador, El Salvador, May 2, 2024 – Concacaf Access, the sports experience that goes beyond the playing field, was successfully developed and its main objective was to promote dialogue about football in El Salvador and interaction with experts. This exclusive event was previously held in Costa Rica (2022), Guatemala (2022) and Honduras (2023).

Leading international figures from the football world took part in the fourth edition of Concacaf Access. Among them, Concacaf Secretary General Philippe Moggio stood out, as did renowned sports journalists Fernando Palomo and Alexis Tamayo ‘Mister Chip’. Also present were former national team members Carlos Castro Borja and Ricardo Guevara Mora, Humberto Sáenz and Henry Orellana, president and member of the FESFUT Regularization Committee; also David Dóniga Lara, as head coach of the El Salvador men’s national team, the participation of these guests enriched the analysis discussions and provided a valuable perspective on the sport in the region and its current challenges

“Through Concacaf Access, we are building bridges of collaboration and knowledge that unite the entire passionate football community in Central America. Events like these allow us to identify areas for improvement and collaborate with all stakeholders in Confederation initiatives to drive growth and sporting excellence in our region. region,” said Philippe Moggio, Secretary General of Concacaf.

The Concacaf Access agenda consisted of five segments of 20 minutes each. During the first phase of the event, participants discussed the expansion of Concacaf’s regional and international tournaments and topics such as building stronger connections with fans.

The Concacaf Secretary General explained how the Confederation has revolutionized and expanded its club ecosystem, which now includes a regional cup featuring the top twenty clubs in the region. During the annual tournament, which includes 58 matches, fans can enjoy that historic rivalry and crown their champion. In addition, the top six qualify for the Concacaf Champions Cup, with the top 27 from North America, Central America and the Caribbean.

Innovative strategies to engage fans more effectively and create memorable stadium experiences were also explored, as well as the positive impact that local competitions can have on the growth and competitiveness of football in the region.

As the event progressed, panels delved into the history of “La Selecta,” as El Salvador’s national team is known, and examined its achievements, challenges and ambitions. Two prominent figures from Salvadoran football, Carlos Castro Borja and Ricardo Guevara Mora, provided unique insight into the current and future state of the sport in the country.

The final segment, entitled ‘World Goal 2026’, focused on one of the region’s biggest football goals: qualifying for the 2026 World Cup. With Fernando Palomo and Mister Chip as moderators, this segment brought together Humberto Sáenz, chairman of the Normalization Committee, and David Dóniga Lara, Technical Director of the National Team, who provided an important perspective on the challenges and strategies required to achieve this important goal. The conversation was insightful and motivating and gave viewers a clear picture of the next steps towards success heading into the World Cup.

Gustavo Huertasdirector of Cracks Sports & Media, commented: “The key to success for Concacaf and Cracks lies in the commitment to enriching football in the region through these types of experiences. Connecting the different actors in the industry to work together and Generating innovative proposals is Access’s objective and we are proud to have achieved this and grateful for the welcome we have had in El Salvador.”

This event is one of the most relevant for the world of football as it allows the constructive exchange of major key players from the region, focusing on the growth of the sport, the trends, the news and the follow-up of one of the most important tournaments. This year also marks a milestone as they begin to lobby for the status of many clubs and players who stand out to be part of their national teams on the way to the World Cup.

El Salvador has distinguished itself as a destination for major international events and is a favorable space for the pleasant exchange of one of the great passions of millions of people in the world. Concacaf Access is a more detailed and exclusive vision for the greats of football and this 2024 was no exception to previous editions.