DVIDS – News – Canadian and U.S. armed forces train together to create stronger ties

FORT DRUM, NY (May 3, 2024) – Service members with the 2nd Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery; The 20th Air Support Operations Squadron and the 6th Squadron, 6th Cavalry Regiment participated in Exercise Hungry Horse to build cohesion between various branches of the U.S. military and neighboring forces.

Exercise Hungry Horse, held April 29 through May 3, demonstrated the necessary cohesion between the Canadian Armed Forces, U.S. Army, and U.S. Air Force to help build a more capable fighting force.

This event featured Canadian troops from the 2nd Regiment conducting close air support training. Soldiers from the 6-6 Cav flew the aircraft and the 20th ASOS assessed the test for the 2nd Regiment.

Soldiers from the 2nd Regiment underwent repetitions of ground movements and village clearing, while also being tested on reporting accurate coordinates and radio communications to fulfill the air support required for each situation in the exercise. Sergeant Jace Avery, 2nd Regiment soldier, said working with 20th ASOS was easier than he initially thought.

“We can basically work together seamlessly with minimal friction,” Avery said. “We actually work with the same music magazine, so it was super easy to train here.”

The 10th Mountain Division’s 6-6 Cav had the privilege of flying AH-64 Apache helicopters in support of the 2nd Regiment, but the constant training iterations consume a lot of fuel. Luckily, 6-6 Cav had a tank team next to the firing range to keep our pilots in the fight.

The refueling team was tasked with ensuring that each helicopter was refueled and rearmed in a timely manner. Staff Sgt. Darian Monroe, Echo Troop, 6-6 Cav Soldier, had high expectations for hands-on training to ensure he and his Soldiers could accomplish the task in real-world situations.

“Despite the simplicity and how it looks, there are a lot of moving pieces going on,” Monroe said. “Our goal is that every soldier from top to bottom can understand the fine details that are taken into account when setting them up.”

Every soldier there knew their purpose and purpose which ultimately helped support the 20th ASOS and 2nd Regiment. Even the medics from the 2nd Regiment and 10th Mountain Division worked hand in hand to learn the differences in how they administer first aid.

Staff Sgt. Nkelo Kurtz, 10th Brigade Support Battalion medic, said he felt honored and proud to work with his Canadian counterparts and talked about how this cohesion is important to the overall mission. Kurtz wanted to put into perspective how important it is to continue training with foreign militaries and realize this joint effort to achieve a common goal.

“It helps the 10th Mountain (Division) because we can deploy anywhere in the world and show that we can work with all foreign forces,” Kurtz said. “This will help achieve whatever goal or end state the United States wants us to fight.”

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