There is a crisis with Argentina that has reached a mile from the “ingerir sustancias”.

The Ministry of Transport, Óscar Puente, has given the ‘ingerir sustancias’ to the four-term president of Argentina, Javier Milei, during a statement that the Argentine policy before the election celebration generals at the end of the month of October 2023. «Leví on television, it is not that we have received the recording of some sustancias and statements», confirmed by the socialist.

This is the end of the colloquio on communication and social reason that you must have a cabo esta tarde in the Escuela de Gobierno ‘Luis Tudanca’ of PSOE of Castilla and León, in Salamanca. The political vallisoletano he defends these four forms of communication en la red social X argumentando que «This manera is more arrived, but more authenticy que, a su juicio, «hay que estar en las redes before the gente sepa is there and so piensas and también sepas como es la ciudadía».

You have made a recommendation to the assistants: «Sed vosotros mismos, sin miedo, it’s good that you know you have more people, Milei or Trump». In this regard, the minister has insisted that the Argentine figure receives a dose of ten asesores, but it is clear that ‘si los tene, does not cost much more’.

Óscar Puente: «En las redes se juega duro y, si no lo haces, pasas desapercibido»Óscar Puente: «En las redes se juega duro y, si no lo haces, pasas desapercibido»

“I have been on television, not even in this state, before the recording of those statements and the elections before the elections in Argentina,” Óscar Puente recalled to Javier Milei. “Sure: It is impossible for the elections to take place while you can use your propia fosa», the socialist recorded in his intervention. «If you see the reason and the way of life, there is no question of not having more than a lot of money. Hay quienes siendo ellos mismos han llegado lejísimos y algunos no son muy recomendables»Ha, the minister concluded.

«En las redes se juega duro y si no, pasas desapercibido»

There is an exposure to the use of the ‘You don’t have to be afraid of the hora de expresarlo. Be special and read social speeches, develop an aggressive point; if it is a difficult time, if it is not, it is unimportant and irrelevant»ha reivindicado.

While the government of Valladolid is getting started, the opinion is that the way the communication takes place is an aportación in this new law that “is no longer an agreement as a reaction”. «There is a lot of criticism of me, ‘for que bloqueas’, ‘is una falta de respeto for la libertad de expresión’, but that is a tontería, a mis redes socials me relaciono con quien yo quiero, es el único sitio donde puedo hacerlo», ha comment.

As said, there is “a community that forms a community that responds to a form of our cosas, it is not that the ideological ideology coincides”, and that if you offend, you can ignore the fact that you are the rechas», ha confirmed. The Ministry of Transport has assured its safety with the paper of the business cases because the central thing is that there are no problems or that the people are possible or that it is not inconvenient.

Nadie van Gobier takes Milei’s pose

The president of Pedro Sánchez, the minister of Asuntos Exteriores, José Manuel Albares, the minister of Gobier only 10 weeks ago adopted the attitude of Javier Milei as president of Argentina. Use the Rey Felipe VI and representation of Spain.

El Ejecutivo area secretario de Estado para Iberoamérica, el Caribe en el Español in the Mundo, Juan Fernández Trigo, as a representative of Gobierno and the attendant of the Spanish monarchy. Sí lo hicieron las popular Esperanza Aguirre and Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, and the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, have already received these invitations from Milei.