Discover the New Paradise Resort in the Bahamas

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News America, Great Harbor Cay, Bahamas, Fri. May 3, 2024: Get ready for a new hotel resort in the Bahamas.

Opening this summer, the OSPREY promises a slice of paradise nestled in the idyllic Berry Islands chain. Set against the backdrop of Great Harbor Cay, this beachfront hotel features an abundance of thatched berry palms and native trees, creating a lush tropical oasis.

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Opening this summer, the OSPREY promises a slice of paradise nestled in the idyllic Berry Islands chain.

Guests at The OSPREY have the privilege of direct access to the beach, which stretches an impressive 120 meters along an 8 km stretch of pristine white sand. The architectural vision behind The OSPREY comes to life through the expertise of a talented Bahamian architect, who meticulously designed the Osprey villa and cottages to offer breathtaking ocean views.

Elegance permeates every aspect of The OSPREY, with vaulted ceilings, inviting verandas and terraces inviting guests to relax and enjoy the serene surroundings. Detailed rooflines add to the charm of this tropical oasis, where turquoise waters provide an enchanting backdrop for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Adding to its allure, Great Harbor Cay has a storied past as a beloved retreat for greats like Cary Grant, Jack Nicklaus, the Rockefellers, Ingrid Bergman and Douglas Fairbanks. The island’s rich history adds an extra layer of fascination to The OSPREY, inviting guests to enjoy a luxurious experience as they immerse themselves in a legacy of glamor and prestige.

The Bahamas owned and operated resort is a boutique experience, with a collection of one villa, one cottage and three other suites. There is also a guest lounge, a house for breakfast, meetings, movies and games, with a 65-inch flat-screen TV.


Fly into Nassau’s Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) and take a 20-minute scheduled flight from Nassau to Great Harbor Cay.

Take a private charter from Nassau (25 minutes).

Take a private charter from Fort Lauderdale or Miami, Florida directly to Great Harbor Cay (35-45 minutes).


Sail to Great Harbor Cay Marina from your nearest port (

Whether you fly or sail to Great Harbor Cay, your drive to your OSPREY suite is only 6-7 minutes away from your arrival.

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