Radiografía Interna 2024 reveals progress on diversity and employment inclusion in Chile

The instrument as if it were a detector brechas and possibilities most of the management of processes and initiatives in a cada organization, with the aim of creating an overall evaluation and a personalization for each participant in the company.

From that moment on, the international radiography of the red was realized Pride Connection Chilean instrument that is a cabo with the end of the company a diagnosis of diversity and inclusivity, with a diversity of sexual and general forms, a number of companies and organizations that can be attractive to LGBTI+ talent.

The red corporate edition is a new edition of the evaluation between October 2023 and the end of 2024. The octave version of the next edition will continue with the participation in 151 organizations In this opportunity, the main sections present retail, auditoriums and consultancies, alta technology, banca, pharmaceuticals and production and distribution of food and products.

Cabe destacar que Since the company has declared a diverse political policy in the first place, the balance and inclusion (DEI) is superior to the barrera of 90% and is a 90.8 percent of the population. Like the existence of ERG or groups dealing with LGBTQ+ characters, this has also become an important issue between 68% and 73%, with an integration promotion of 102 people by the company.

Beneficios a personas trans

A key part of the research is that 48.4% of organizations increase the benefit of their collaboration to promote generational transitions in the familyThere are many benefits and relationships with psychological help and legal services for sex and registration, medical outpatient guests and hormonal therapies, among others.

It is always the case that the results of the following years bring benefits (such as companies in the red companies) Even if the barrera belongs to 50% of the companies, that is a tip of the advantage of several people (56.4% of the companies).

Además, the 53.4% ​​of companies have a protocol of generational transition for the normal re-entry of corporate transactions by contratados or to join the companyMost of the year is variable at 4 years, while 44% is a year older than 37% the year before.

“It is not likely that the relationship with the benefits of the personas will increase, but it is also possible that the benefits you experience in the personal or personal matters of the company. More and more organizations ensure that the integration processes have their in-depth knowledge and these types of instruments can only assess what are the aristocrats who do their work and settle with the company to start most of the trajectories for the future avanza”, the director and financier from Red Pride Connection Chile, Emilio Maldonado.

Talento LGBTI+

It is a general fact that it is important that this happens before most of the company has received the characterization tools (anonymous and voluntary) for its trabajadores LGBTI+, as you can see, the containment strategies can be promoted. 54% of organizations confirm that they have encountered these characters and that 8% of red entrepreneurs identify as LGBTI+ characters, and 1.3% of personas working in the red company they identify as personas trans.

A new pregnancy in 2024 will no longer make the existence of LGBTI+ visible in the organizations. Ante esta variable, The 63% of companies that are committed to LGBTI+ visibility in the organization.