Maduro warns of US plans for conflict between Venezuela and Guyana

  • President Maduro warned that the US is preparing for the conflict between Venezuela and Guyana

The President of the Republic Nicolás Maduro warned on Monday during his 43rd program “Con Maduro +” that the United States (US) government has prepared a conflict between Venezuela and Guyana.

In this context, he referred to the fact that the US has planned a series of conflicts of a military nature, of a violent nature. “What is the United States doing here in Guyana? Why did they create twelve secret CIA bases? Why did they establish fourteen secret bases of the Southern Command in Guyana, our territory? Because they are also looking for a conflict here,” he criticized.

From the Miraflores Palace, the head of state denounced that the US plan, given the loss of influence in Asia, Eurasia and Africa, is to seek refuge and recolonize our America.

The president was commenting on an op-ed article published by the Washington Post, which stated that “the U.S. is headed toward a decline from which few powers have recovered.” He pointed out that, in light of the decline of the American empire in building the new world, the American economy functions as a war economy and pointed out that the 21 states of the 50 states of the United States live on war dollars.

“The intention is to wage war in this period of decline and try to maintain its dominance, hegemony and influence through violence and military forces,” he said.

Venezuelan National Assembly approves pension protection law

Venezuela’s National Assembly approved the Social Security Pension Protection Law during its first discussion on Thursday, after it was presented to that body by Venezuela’s Executive Vice President Delcy Rodriguez.

“We wanted to submit this bill that contains 13 articles that seek special protection, through contributions and contributions from private companies for the protection of pensions against the criminal blockade,” said Rodríguez, also recalling that the country’s income from the blockade by 99 percent were affected.

In this sense, she denounced that on April 18, the United States government reimposed sanctions against Venezuela and its oil industry, which will cause revenue losses exceeding 2,000,000,000 by 2024.

“The determination of the Venezuelan people has been very determined in saying that no criminal blockade, no blackmail and no extortion can change the will and sovereignty of the Venezuelan people,” she said, emphasizing that the only will that the country should govern is that of the people and not of any foreign mandate.

The draft law to protect social security pensions against the imperialist blockade is approved during the first discussion.

Rodriguez demanded that the lifting of sanctions against Venezuela is a right of Venezuelans and emphasized that the Law on the Protection of Social Security Pensions does not only include social protection.


President Nicolás Maduro approaches the workers as part of his International Day

On Wednesday, President Nicolás Maduro, after joining workers on the streets, met with oil workers from the state-owned company Petróleos de Venezuela SA, to announce a series of announcements and reforms for the working class.

The head of state pointed out that Venezuela is fighting in two directions: against the blockade, against sanctions and surnames; and for economic growth, development and the restoration of the social welfare state of the working class in a progressive manner.

The President announced the increase of the minimum integral income of employees to $ 130, “the minimum, and that this increasingly affects the capacity of employees, which means that this year, from January to May, we will receive 86% of the minimum integral income.

Likewise, Maduro announced the construction of another 2 million houses, to reach 7 million decent ceilings and “put organized workers, the working class, at the center of the effort,” accompanied by the signing of the Housing Law and habitat provision for the working class, laborers and the Venezuelan family.


The extreme right is linked to PDVSA-Crypto Case

On Monday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro condemned the involvement of the far right in the PDVSA-CRYPTO case, in which cryptocurrencies are used for the corrupt appropriation of resources from the company Petroleum of Venezuela (PDVSA).

During his program ‘With Maduro+’, he stated that the investigation provided compelling evidence that the full force of the law would fall on corrupt individuals.

“A very corrupt mafia was formed. They abused the trust and power given to them not only to embezzle the country, but also to join an extremist right-wing scheme and the United States government,” Maduro said.

He also emphasized that Attorney General Tarek William Saab has managed to collect evidence through conversations, Zoom video conferences and statements from those involved.

According to the evidence obtained, elements of the Venezuelan far-right, such as Leopoldo Lopez, had been coordinating with the White House since January 2018 to assassinate the Venezuelan president and stage a coup.


Nicolas Maduro is the favorite candidate according to Insight Magazine

On Monday, pollster Insight conducted a survey analyzing the support rate of electoral candidates in Venezuela ahead of the official elections, in addition to next July 28 celebrations. The poll also measured Venezuelans’ willingness to go to the polls and political affinity with each party.

In terms of candidate popularity, President Nicolas Maduro tops the podium as the favorite candidate, with a popularity rating of 52.4%. On the second stage, almost 37% apart, is the opposition candidate Edmundo Gonzales Urrutia of the unitary platform.

Meanwhile, candidate Daniel Ceballos with 5.89%; Claudio Fermin with 2.80%; Benjamin Rausseo with 1.97%; Javier Bertucci 1.85%; Antonio Ecarri with 1.55%; José Brito 0.79%; Luis Eduardo Martínez with 0.47% and Enrique Márquez with 0.43%.

However, 16.08% have no preference for a candidate or do not yet know who they want to vote for.