Black Steel is integrated into the Chilean Cámara Minera

The company specializes in manufacturing construction and aero parts.

Thursday May 3, 2024.- La Cámara Minera de Chile has created its new company Black Steel with its general manager, Sandra Gaete Miranda.

Black Steel is a specialized company in the construction and manufacturing sector for the use of its best herramientas stories as international caliber and national companies to work on the needs of its customers, to be able to meet its own propio the ingenious groups of Professional people with aerodynamics, breathing with important accessories such as bombas, valves, piping.

“As part of the service, the cylinders on the planchas of the aero A-36, A 572 A516 are aero stainless steel. 304L and 316L; corte service that planchas, cañerías and perfiles in Oxicorte, plasma CNC; and service for selling perfiles, vigas, canerías, planchas biselados and empalmes”, mentioning Sandra Gaete.

Black Steel products, manufacture and installation of metal structures and other types of structures, such as the manufacture of estanques for water, flammable; the derrame shades as accumulation, special canerías; soportes para estanques, stories like pasamuros, bifurcaciones; and calderería matching Manefold Spool-Codos Mitrados.

“Nuestro in the Chilean camera mine is important to be able to communicate with the industry when it comes to generating red contacts and it is possible to make visible the porte that companies like Black Steel have reached the national industry,” concludes Sandra Gaete.