Dominica ready for 13th edition of Jazz ‘n Creole

The Commonwealth of Dominica is pleased to welcome participants to the 13th edition of Jazz ‘n Creole.

This year’s event promises an unforgettable experience combining the rich Creole culture with the soulful sounds of jazz.

Set against the backdrop of Fort Shirley in Cabrits National Park, the festival will take place on Sunday, May 5, 2024, from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

This year, festival goers are encouraged to dress in “Creole Fusion” attire. This unique dress code celebrates Creole traditions with a festive twist and invites attendees to express themselves through bold patterns, vibrant prints and vibrant accessories that reflect the spirited essence of the event.

The setup:

Michele Henderson (Dominica)

Li-Li octave (Dominica)

Swinging Stars (Dominica)

Colton T (Dominica)

Mapy (US and France)

Alaine (Jamaica)

Octeto (Venezuela)

These artists and many more will deliver an exciting mix of jazz and Creole music, promising an unforgettable experience.

Ticket details:

VIP admission: $325

Gate admission: $200

Advanced purchase: $175

Youth tickets (12-17 years): $75 (requires identification and purchase from Cabrits)

Children under 12 years: free admission (identification required)

Advanced Event Tickets for Edge Events: $160

For general admission, tickets are available at Bullseye Pharmacy in Goodwill, Depex Color Lab in Roseau and Water’s Edge in Portsmouth. VIP tickets can be found at HHV Whitchurch on Old Street, Discover Dominica Authority’s Office on Great Marlborough Street and Whitchurch Travel on Bay Street, Portsmouth. Additionally, attendees can secure their tickets online at

Edge events:

May 3: Jazz n Cocktail (Alliance Francaise, Roseau), Jazz n Tea (Convent Prep, Roseau)

May 4: Family Fun Day (Purple Turtle Beach Club, Portsmouth), Jazz n Arts in Paradise (Paradis Valley, Bourne), Carib Hype (HHV Parking Lot, Picard)

Culinary delights and accommodations

From May 5 to 6, a breakfast village along Bay Street, adjacent to the Indian River, will cater to festival-goers’ culinary delights. This is complemented by a variety of restaurants serving a range of options, ensuring a rich and flavorful dining experience.

Visitors can plan their stay with comfortable accommodations offering exclusive Jazz ‘n Creole packages:

Safari Apartments: 1-767-276-4499 | [email protected]

Rejens Hotel: 1-767-235-3860 | [email protected]

Kootney Resorts: 1-767-275-5295 | [email protected]

Louislyn Apartments: 1-767-316-357/245-1123 | [email protected]

Rosezelle Apartments: 1-767-245-1768/316-9314 | [email protected]

Mango garden shed: 1761217-1571 | [email protected]

Portsmouth Beach Hotel: 1-767-445-5142 | [email protected]

Picard Beach Hotel: 1-767-276-6837 | [email protected]

Atlantique View Resort and Spa: 1-767-277-5061 | [email protected]

Riverfront Hotel: 1-767-616-2888 | [email protected]

Aves Ville: 1-767-275-5295 | [email protected]

Shuttle services for easy access

To ensure a hassle-free experience, shuttle services are available as follows:

A $3 shuttle from Glanvillia Playing Field, Boroughs Square, Portsmouth Market and Tane Tane Stretch to the Moroccan Hotel.

From the Moroccan hotel to the DASPA building, a shuttle service is available for $2.

Free shuttle service from the DASPA building directly to Fort Shirley, making it easy for everyone to participate in the festivities.

Please note that pets are not allowed at the event.