Argentina empató ante Colombia in the Sudamericano femenino Sub 20 and classification in the world

The Argentine female selection is classified under 20 years for the world category 1-1 with its Colombian country, on the point of the hexagonal final of South America.

If you still have a jornada, which will be discussed on May 5, the equipment of Christian Meloni will secure a square at a certain point with the points that end up in the final phase, while the current situation in Peru is ultimately the last and la tabla .

This manera, Argentina, has played a global female youth from 12 years old. The National Youth has previously participated in three editions of this tornado, the biggest result in the 2006 Russian edition being 11th place. También dijo presente in Chile 2008 and Japan 2012.

It is possible that the Argentine selection will return to the maximum of the city in 2014, Papua Nueva Ginea 2016, France 2018 and Costa Rica 2022 (the 2020 edition was not realized due to the Covid-19 pandemic).

By its presentations in Argentina it is a combination of a hexagonal end product of a victoria, an empate and one of the best, superando the line of Venezuela (3) and Peru (1). Por delante quedan Colombia and Paraguay (ambas with 7) and Brazil (12).

If in Perú the line of the national equipment lines is managed, it is true that there is no place in the square and that the leadership of Meloni is in front of the incaicas in the phase Finale for 5 to 0 and the organization that has thrown forward the equipment what happens is that there is no difference in life.

In the near future, Argentina halfway through the May 5 of Venezuela in the Estadio Model Alberto Spencer, closed his participation in the Sudamericano with a threesome for the greatest man in the Colombian world 2024.