Selection of camping products listed in the Unidos countries to participate in an event Passport DC

Selection of camping products located in the United States to participate in an event Passport DC

There is a selection of 28 products from the campsite and the indigenous people of the current country, which has the oregano of the precordillera of Putre and the Mermelada of Toconao coconut for the north with negro chilote from Ancud and syrup of maquis from Coyhaique for the eating this delicious lleguen this sábado 4 de mayo a la embajada de Chile in los Estados Unidos, in the marco del Around the World Embassy Tour, so conocido como Passport DC

The presentation of these national products at the event, which is realized in Washington DC and brings together more and more of 15 million peopleFue gestionada por el Instituto de Desarrollo Agropecuario (INDAP) and all that Save the Tiendas Mundo Ruraltogether with the Embajador de Chile in the north of the country, Juan Gabriel ValdesYes like that Agregaduría Agrícola.

Durante el Passport DC, The representations of extras in the capital of the European Union are possible because the public in general can harm the culture, the history, the gastronomy and the traditions of different países in the world of the city. So, there are more and more participants in the Internet, for example, art music, music and bailes, tastings of typical comida and promotions of their tourist destinations.

The jornada, organized by the institution Events DC a collaboration with the academic embajadas, which can celebrate the cultural diversity and promote the understanding and intercambio between the different countries Estados Unidos and other paises. Enjoy a unique experience that takes visitors around the world for a day of getting to know other cultures and making international connections.

Juan Gabriel Valdés has taken over the duties of the INDAP and the Ministerio de Agricultura, together with the Chilean Embajada in Unidos Estados and his Agregaduría Agrícolato present the first products from la Agricultura Trusted Campesina e Indígena and Passport DC

“This is an important contribution and undermines the importance of distributing some products that can reach the front lines. Remember that visitors understand the quality of food production in the great Chile, while encouraging cultural intercambio and mutual appreciation.

El Minister of Agriculture, Esteban Valenzuelaexpressed

“For Chile, an organ that participates in the products of the well-known agricultural campuses and indigenous peoples in this version of Passport DC, so that the American North American public can see the traditional crafts of today, and the oregano from the north of the country the sea martin of calafate de la Patagonia aysenina”.

For your part, the Director Nacional de INDAP, Santiago Rojaswhat has been resolved Save the Tiendas Mundo Rural

“An initiative has been taken that expands the market for businesses and agricultural enterprises and develops their products in major urban centers, and that they insert a strategy for the institution of the promoter of the creation of inclusive and innovative commercial spaces, with a territorial and territorial area de genero”.

Carolina Jara, Suryuis de Aysén

Los productos de nuestro Chile profound which is presented by our first activities, everything has been elaborated by users and entrepreneurs of INDAP, son release next:

Zone North: Oregano Socoroma Marka, de Putre; mermelada de chañar Sabores Escondidos, de Toconao; Aceite de oliva extra virgen Payantume, de Huasco, y snacks de pulpa de higo y snacks de queso de cabra Trikadia, de Monte Patria.

Zona Centro: Manjar of the holiday Dulce Locura, the Putaendo; Dulce de leche de cabra Lácteos Colliguay, de Quilpué; aceituna sevillana with brands Sabores de Naltagua, the Isla de Maipo; nueces green and almíbar, the Nancagua; mantequilla de maní Vicar, de Chépica; topinambur and polvo Nutramore, the San Vicente; manjar artesanal Delicias Tatito, de San Fernando, en merkén pehuenche, de San Clemente.

Zona Sur: Café de trigo molido Patagom, the Yungay; café de maqui Chihuaico, de Villarrica; the maquis Lawentu, the Padre las Casas; mermelada the copy Florahue, the Loncoche; mermelada de rosa mosqueta Oh La La, the Victoria; brand card Curaco Gourmet, the Cholchol; pasta de ají ahumado y pasta de ají cacho de cabra Sabores de mi Huerto, de Angol; maqui picante Maqueo, the Futrono; mermelada de murta Delicias de Freesia, de Freesia.

Zone Austral: Ajo negro chilote Kime Newen, the Ancud; papas nativas chilotas y pasta de ajo chilote Chiloé Gourmet, de Ancud; mermelada de calafate and syrup of maqui Suryuis, the Coyhaique.

Adelaida Marca, Socoroma Marka de Arica and Parinacota
Apolo González, Merkén Pehuenche del Maule
Cristian Riffo, Productos Chihuaico de La Araucanía

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