Colombian football broadcasts new charges

¡Histórico!  Colombian football goes back to medium-term communication

Tomado de las redessociales del America de Cali.

El Fútbol Professional Colombiano (FPC) a special transformation has occurred in recent years. The point that you broadcast on television through RCN or Caracol has been given a private channel (Win Sports).

Actually, the idea of ​​​​the privatization of the FPC in Colombia has received a large number of varied opportunities, ultimately leading to discussions or attacks in the different sectors; more “precisely” the clubs on television, other possibilities.

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Because the embargo on paper is much greater, private television broadcasting can encourage piracy. For other people, the use of digital communication networks (or with your virtual area) it is possible that deportation events have a limitation.

RTVC broadcasts Colombian football

There is now a new opportunity that will help us to help the FPC, but that is only halfway through an official communication, see a historic decision:

“Hollman Morris (president of RTVC) has appealed to the mayor of the Colombian football division and has broadcast part of this group of parties (…) now that the radio is broadcasting the Colombian football broadcast”.

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At the moment, only compromises are broadcast by the various public radio stations, and the emotions of the Colombian ball can be disturbed for everyone.

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¡Histórico!  Colombian football rules in the medium-term communication

These are the social reasons: