Daniel Quintero has worked as director of the UNGRD – Publimetro Colombia

Luego de señalamientos who have received the exalcalde of MedellínDaniel Quintero, part of the director of the Unidad Nacional para la Gestión del Riesgo de Desastres (UNGRD), Carlos Carrillo, who presents his statements on puests, contratos and favor of particular interests in his period in the alcaldia, indicates that the ex-official “does not have an absolute method”.

In conversations with Blu Radio it is indicated that the acusaciones are part of a strategy by Carrillo, “to arouse the attention of a pregnancy” that Quintero has obtained from the appointment of the Secretary General of a sobrino of Iván Name, President of the Congress of the Republic, who has investigated “3000 million pesos” in the escándalo of the carrot anques of la Guajira.

“Que caiga él tenga que caer, no tengo ninguna cuota allá. If this statement is much sencillo, think there is no legal impediment, because of the ethical opinion, that a person has indicted a person who has indicted the Secretary General, is a pruebas; eso lo sabe todo el país”, indicó Quintero.

It is said that you cannot do everything in the “part of Gobierno Nacional”. “I can review it again, while you have been in this world for years, and you will not encounter that the next time you start that no other podíamos has reached the current situation”.