Ministerio TIC asks for the budget, procurator y contraloría to investigate for 30,000 equipment dañados

Do you know what is a large part of the equipment that programs donate to some of the private enterprises, public and natural persons who have a specific requirement – credit Freepik

Computers for education There is a social program that the Ministerio TIC has created to contribute to the social network and the regional media for access, using and adopting the information technology and communications in Colombia.

With the foregoing insight, the Ministry of Finance, the Attorney General and the Contralor conducted a study of 30,000 program equivalents that yield a few errors. Since the TIC card is required to clarify the inconveniences with the dispositions, it may be irregular to provide some of the evidence or with the functions that celebrate the contrato.

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The proposal for this social program, like the MinTIC, provides the computer needs in education, cultural centers and public librarianship on the national territory, you can expect more of everything: the maestros (a diploma from TIC) and the capacity to leverage the use of these technologies, building competitive comunidades and developing projects for the regions.

The gesture is adelanta Computers for educationWe respond on three pillars: access to the technology, training of the masters and responsibility for the environment in terms of reuse and approval of the electronic remains.

You can reconfirm a large part of the equipment that the program donates to a private part of the business community, public entities and natural persons who have particularly specific requirements. Additional, Computers for education I receive donations from abroad, for part of the business community and the whole world, that can appear abroad and focus on the disappearance of the digital age that exists in Colombia.

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