José Mujica’s doctor explained how his cancer treatment will proceed

José Mujica’s personal doctor announces that the former president will receive radiotherapy treatment

(From Montevideo, Uruguay) – Former Uruguayan President José Mujica will undergo radiotherapy treatment to treat the esophageal cancer he suffers from, his personal physician, Raquel Pannone, said at a press conference this Thursday. The doctor explained that the examinations confirmed that the tumor the former president has is malignant, but “not too extensive” and that other organs are not affected.

“They have no injuries to any other organ. This lesion is limited to the esophagus. Due to the type of physiology this injury has, we were evaluating treatment options,” he explained.

The type of cancer that Mujica has has three types of treatment: surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but the latter option was chosen given the age of the Uruguayan leader.

“Pepe is 88, almost 89. He has an immunological disease and kidney failure. They currently rule out the possibility of surgical treatment. He is also getting rid of chemotherapy and we are left with radiotherapy,” the professional explained.

This means “good news” about the type of cancer Mujica has, he emphasized.

Former Uruguay President José Mujica, left, and his wife Lucía Topolansky enter the La Moneda presidential palace for a ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of the military coup that overthrew the government of late President Salvador Allende in Santiago, Chile, on September 11, 2023 . (AP Photo/Esteban Félix, file)

Pannone highlighted Mujica as an “excellent patient,” who has an “excellent companion” through his wife Lucía Topolansky. “They now decided to take the recommended nutritional measures,” he emphasized.

Another consideration the doctor made in making the decision related to the former president’s mood. “Separating Pepe from Lucía, from the farm, from the armed forces and from his companions for more than forty days is something that will undoubtedly set us back in the recovery,” he said.

Mujica will be treated at the Cor Clinic, owned by Álvaro Vázquez, son of Uruguay’s two-time president Tabaré Vázquez. This doctor put this health center “at your service” for treatment and the medical team chose him because he also has an agreement with the Casmu Sanatorium, where Mujica is being treated.

Former President José Mujica with Ruben Rada and the presidential candidate he supports, Yamandú Orsi (@OrsiYamandu)

Mujica’s doctor said the “maximum goal” the former president is pursuing is “cure” and that the “intermediate goal” is to have a “long survival.” “We need to evaluate the response to this treatment. “It’s just beginning.”

Pannone explained that having a tumor is different from having cancer because the former is a mass that grows in the body and does not necessarily have to be malignant. “The pathological anatomy sets it apart. That is why some of you consulted me at the beginning and I replied that, at a scientific level, until I had the pathological anatomy, I would not talk about the features,” he assured.

In the morning, Topolansky gave some details about her husband’s health in an interview on the Arriba Gente program on Channel 10. “It had not metastasized” and assured that he would start treatment “immediately”. “Tomorrow (Friday) they will do a check to see at what point exactly the radiotherapy should take place and then it will start immediately. It is a month and a half of treatment,” she noted.

Former Uruguayan President José Mujica announced that he has a tumor in the esophagus

The former president reappeared on May 1 at a classic luncheon with politicians and friends and said he was feeling “pretty good” toward those who consulted him. He told them that he had to follow a strict diet and was not allowed to eat meat, for example. He joked that he would eventually “mix” the roast and make it “kind of like a drink with salad and stuff.”

“They checked me everywhere and the case has been located. It is a type of cellular variant that is very sensitive to radiation. It is almost certain that the treatment they are going to impose on me will be radiation,” he expected.

When asked if he is afraid, he replied: “Afraid of what? Of dying? Everything that is born is born to die. You have to accept it. And I was lucky: I got kicked by bullets, I lost my step, I have an immunological disease. I live for free! What am I going to complain about! When it’s my turn, it’s my turn.”