Huancavelicano is a disparo in the closet that is asaltado in Chile | EDICIE

A compatriot of the natural province of Huancavelica, which is located in the Chile país, while the transitaba through Yungay, the district of Santiago de Chile, is intercepted by an army of one man, the Peruvian country does not resist the asalto and takes its pertenencias about this is the transgression in the cable and the life of the lugar.

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The escalofriante is identified in Peru as Rubén Limache of 39 years ago on the 01st of May during the whole day, when he was President Gabriel Boric, and he was appointed in front of a security camera. One of the best things we encounter is that the red and the trousers are in Ruben Limache, but it can resist the fact that we can use our bills and mobile phones, while at the end of the day we are all to blame before we get the disparó in the closet.

The video problem in social speeches causes the outrage of several international people. The moment when the offense and the Chilean civilian population in the mismo sector are most concerned with the many incidents of crimes cannot be identified in any way. What Rubén Limache says is that he is in most countries in his country and gets a tourist visa.

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A journey through an outspoken social reason, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a journey through its consulate in Santiago regrets the fall of the Peruvian citizen Rubén Limache in Chile and requests that the Chilean authorities celeridad in the investigation of crime, some recidivism for ayudar a las autoridades policiales en familes.