They found three bodies and a burnt-out truck in the area where two Australians and an American disappeared: Ensenada, México

Iliana Carapia| BajaNews

Published: 03-05-2024 13:49:57 PDT

Current: 03-05-2024 13:58:18 PDT

At this time it is unknown if these are brothers Jack Carter, Callum and Jake Robinson

Following operations conducted by federal, state and municipal authorities, three bodies were found this morning near a cliff in Santo Tomas, close to the municipality of Ensenada, where the three missing foreigners were last seen on Saturday, April 27.

It is currently unknown whether the bodies found match Jack Carter, Callum and Jake Robinson, as authorities have not yet made any announcements about this. However, there are experts in this field working on site.

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Additionally, a burned white pickup truck was found near the area where the bodies were discovered. This truck was probably used by the young men on their way to Ensenada.

On Thursday afternoon, May 2, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, represented by María Elena Andrade Ramírez, held a conference to report on the progress of the investigation. During that conference it was confirmed that three people are currently being investigated to locate the missing foreign youths.