Post misrepresents Trump campaign comments on ‘iron dome’


The claim: Trump said he wants to build an “iron dome” to defend the US against Canada

In a May 1 Threads post (direct link, archive link), former President Donald Trump speaks about his plans if he wins the 2024 presidential election during a campaign speech in Michigan.

“In my next term, we will build a great ‘Iron Dome’ just like Israel did, but even better,” Trump says in the clip. “I say, ‘Why don’t we have that?’ We should have that. There are a lot of hostile people. We’re going to build the biggest dome of them all.”

The caption of the post reads: “Donald Trump wants to build an ‘iron dome’ on our country’s border to ‘defend’ us from Canada. Yes, Canada.”

The post was liked more than 2,000 times in two days.

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The post misrepresents Trump’s comments. Although the former president promised to build an anti-missile system like Israel’s Iron Dome if he is elected to a second term, he did not mention that he would use it to defend himself against Canada, according to the video of his full campaign speech.

Post misrepresents Trump’s ‘iron dome’ comments at campaign rally

The 23-second clip in the Threads post shows Trump giving a speech during a campaign stop on May 1 in Freeland, Michigan, about 50 miles north of Flint, Michigan. The clip shows Trump promising to build an air defense system like Israel’s Iron Dome if he wins a second presidential term, a promise he made earlier during his campaign.

But Trump makes no mention in the clip that he wants to build an anti-missile system to defend the US against Canada, an American ally. Nor does he mention protection against Canada at any point in the speech, footage of which was shared by C-SPAN and Newsmax.

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Instead, Trump raised the specter of threats from unspecified “hostile people” and “bad actors.”

Here’s the full response:

In my next term we will build a great iron dome. Much like Israel did, but even better. I say, ‘Why don’t we have that? We should have that too.’ There are a lot of hostile people out there. We have a

Israel, with help from the US, Britain and Jordan, intercepted 300 drones and missiles launched by Iran at Israel on April 13, USA TODAY reported.

The Threads user who shared the video did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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