International indictment for the failure of freedom of government in the government of Milei

The cierre de la agency of noticias estatal Télam is one of the consequences of the “degradation” of the freedom of prensa in Argentina of Javier Milei, since the organization Reporteros Sin Fronteras (RSF), in the 2024 ranking at number 26 puestos hasta el 66 respecto del año anterior.

In the annual classification of the expenses, with the motivation of the Día Mundial de la Libertad de la Prensa, RSF has a retroceso de la libertad de informar and other Latin American countries, among the countries in Ecuador (baja 30 puestos, hasta el 110), Peru (-15, hasta el 125) and Guatemala (-11, hasta el 138).

RSF, an international organization that is not an international governmental organization and imposes fines on the origins of the French economy, says that “a symbolic and worrying act (the government of Milei) has committed the mayor’s agency for reporting of the country” on a telephone number.

The Argentinian caída in the RSF article is equipped with the Afganistan of the Talibans, which has survived 26 players in 2024, with a puesto of 178, before the last ranking of Siria (179) and Eritrea (180).

In the informed publication by the RSF it was announced that “in 2024 the mayor of the global history of 2023 would follow the electoral scenario of crucial elections, especially in Latin America, that the autoproclamados of the liberal prensa could be overcome the plurality of the medium term, like Javier Milei in Argentina, and a acto simbolico and care, is the mayor’s agency for reporting of país,” said an allusion to Télam.

In the research that is about to say that “in all the American countries of South America, the situation of the freedom of the prensa is a ‘problem’. This is particularly aggravated by the violation of the freedom of prensa, such as Javier Milei in Argentina, and by the incapacity of the gobiernos to commit violence against periodistas”.

Several international people are eco-informal, such as the French Le Monde, can take care of “Mile announced in the circle of the public television agency, about hearing ‘propaganda'” and the point that “the situation is particularly worrying in Argentina, according to an estimate by RSF.

In this country, the French AFP agency describes the following: “The situation is particularly worrying in Argentina due to the position of President Javier Milei, who respects periodization and pluralism.”

“When a major economic crisis occurs, Milei has made an announcement on the cierre of the public agency for reporting,” France Presse said.

In this case, the español agency for notifications to the EFE, replicates the information and an entrepreneur with Elena García, a reporter portfolio of Fronteras, can alleviate the struggle with “the way Miles direct the enemy’s periods of hostility” the este presidente hacia el gremio”.

“The freedom of prensa is not one of our priorities, but it may be that the people of the American Télam agency are important not only in Argentina, in today’s Latin America,” as said.

Barrons has pointed out to a financial group publication The Wall Street Journal that the US Secretary of State’s decision has taken on a “simbolic preoccupation.”

The 22nd edition of this ranking is mainly determined by the political pressure during the period. The e-specialists who contribute to the elaboration of the ranking generally observe “a concern that worsens the apoyo and the autonomy of the communication media and a prospect of the position of the Estonian from other political actors”.

A deterioration that could lead to “2024 is the election of global history,” with the population impacting an election.

RSF realizes a basic classification in a “a studio with abuse against periodistas”, for a lado, and “a studio for cualitativo”, for even more. In the end, “the answers of experts in the field of freedom of education (periodists, academics, defenders of human minds) are a hundred-year pregun.”

In another country, the Committee for the Protection of the Periodists is appointed, an independent organization and the fines imposed on the city of Nueva York, Unidos States, which promote the freedom of prensa and promote the rights of the periodicals, instó and Milei is “absent of immediate attention against the freedom of prensa and the estigmatization of the periodistas”.

All along is an informal FOPEA team that has made about 10 attacks on the complicated issue of Milei or his ministers. It is clear that Hubo made 17 attacks on the president’s freedom between March 19th and April 18th, while Milei is responsible for 53% of the cases. Sometimes the president uses an estigmatization to describe the period. The bottom line is that “corruption”, “mentirosos” and “extortionists” worsen the periodic consequences and keep administrative functions outside the company.