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Hassam has told one of the humorous stories about the country and with his character Rogelio Pataquiva. The humorist is part of one of the MasterChef editionsIf you deprive the protagonist in reality of the humor of the participants in television, you can no longer afford the bark of the 400 million dollars in pesos.

If you have a sentimental feeling that you can divorce your company, rumors of their divorce are increasing. At any time the publicity is attracted, it can be inferred that it is a tip from non-believers.

It is from Hassam sorprend with a radical cambio look

In the middle of your divorce, your divorce is a fundamental part of the divorce while you think that your he will have a living life with him. Because Hassam’s natural man has seen more of the cerca. And the last horas, the humorist publishes a video of one of his images. With the description “It’s a better idea to make a plan that will last another 20 years. What happens is that my Mariana, my primicia, my trocito de cielo.”, think of verla crecer’s nostalgia.


You can no longer be guilty of losing a business that continues during this process “If one of the best friends of dad and no mother, has the great trabajo, admires and respects you”, “Esta chica ya no puede esperar menos de sus futuras parejas”“I don’t imagine Hassam como suegro”.

Yes, that Hassam presents himself to see his most important things in his life, and that he can prove this moment once.