PRF joins 300,000 demonstrators to mark International Workers’ Day in Argentina

PRF joins 300,000 demonstrators to mark International Workers’ Day in Argentina

Pacific Recycling Foundation joined approximately 300,000 protesters in a march in Argentina to mark International Labor Day and honor informal sector workers and independent workers.

PRF says they remain steadfast in their commitment to champion the cause and amplify the voices of people in the informal sector, especially Collection Pillars of Recycling.

They say this huge gathering of protesters also marked the beginning of the first congress of the International Alliance of Waste Pickers.

PRF says the day has significance as millions of people worldwide commemorate the Chicago martyrs, who were executed by police in 1886 during a mobilization calling for an eight-hour workday.

PRF founder Amitesh Deo says the PRF team represented not only Fiji but the entire Pacific region during the march, celebrating workers’ achievements and advocating for their right to dignity, fair pay and better working conditions .

He says on International Workers’ Day they stand in solidarity with those operating in what is often labeled as the informal sector.

He urges governments, the private sector and organizations and communities to join their mission to ensure the dignity of those engaged in this space, such as Collection Pillars of Recycling.

Deo also emphasized the need for society to reflect on the discrimination that workers in the informal sector face simply because of their classification.

He says progressive countries are recognizing these workers as essential contributors, eliminating discrimination and marginalization.

The founder of PRF says they work closely with CPR, who face major challenges every day without access to basic services such as water, sanitation or a suitable space for breaks.

He related a case in which a resuscitator seeking medical attention was questioned by a doctor about her hygiene before coming to the medical facility simply because she had collected recyclables from a landfill.

Deo adds that we can build a world where informal sector workers are recognized and celebrated for their invaluable contributions to their country and the environment.