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Photo: @FCFSeleccionCol

If the end of the title ends in the Sudamericano Femenino Sub 20: the selection of Colombia empató with Argentina in the American cuisine and that offers the possibilities of alcanzar in Brazil, which you can make first of the hexagonal and the campeonato. La Tricolor ends with participation in the tornado.

Colombia played the hexagonal final of Sudamericano with its victories (1 – 0 in Peru and 3 – 2 before Venezuela), but was able to reach the highest point of the world for the minimums before Brazil, with the result that the point of the tabla was reaches. In the United States, the Tricolor in the center of Argentina is obliged to focus on the possibilities of its camp, but the result of the party before the Albicele does not plan: Colombia and Argentina are among the countries. Gabriela Rodríguez, the image of the selection, took over the marcador in the first time, but Verónica Acuña remained in second place.