Conozca the means to reactivate the economy that Gobierno presents at Congress

El Gobierno has unveiled the new legislative initiatives that are part of the medical package for reactivate the economy during the year 2024. During his intervention in the Plaza de Bolivar in the international Día of Trabajo, the president of Gustavo Petro was reinstated.

It is a formal message that this trata is announced by other proposals broadcast before the Congress of the Republic, a beginning of a reversal. In particular, this is part of it privado sistema financiero to popularize the economy.

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Before announcing the mandate of the Ministry of Hacienda and Public Credit, Ricardo Bonilla González explained that the Congress of the Republic is a tram, with the urgent message, the demand for conversion endoudamiento de la Nación and $17,607 million, which will be written off with the major budgets of 2024, 2025 and 2026.

This is a means to reactivate the economy

This is the case medidas to reactivate the economyIf the feature works, breathe in or out of other projects.

“El primero, de these tributaries As the nominal tax on business rent is reduced, the need to integrate renewable energy sources, the need for a sustainable boost to tourism, the environment and other aspects of service provision is reduced.

The second part is a serious project private bank account reversalWe have increasing goals in building life, energy that can be renewed, digital integration and infrastructure in health and education.

“Es parecido a lo que ya se hizo en el agro-pecuario sector and manager of Finagro. This is a project to raise different expectations about the reactivation of the economy, as is the case.

The tercero, is a relation with la regla fiscal. “It is a wonder that you construct a project relationship with the tax regulations, but the inflexibility is not that great. It is a great flexibility in terms of fiscal regulations: a country that grows 3%, 4% or 10%, and there is also a fiscal regulation for a country like Colombia that alone creates 0.6%», explanation of the function.

The fiscal scheme is a mechanism created by the Ley in 1473 in 2011, which set the limits of the public gas of Gobierno to guarantee the financial security of the media and the main square. The supervision of this mechanism is a freight of an Autónomo de la Fiscal Regla, which is not dependent on Gobierno, but the formula is recommended.

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MinHaciendo has had the freedom of reversal

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Bonilla González has not insisted that projects necessary for the Congress of the Republic ensure that in the event of the reversal “the banks retain their freedom of reversal”.

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In other words: “The financial indicators today offer many projects, while future banking projects are ‘not sustainable and not financeable’, and that may happen at some point. What is needed is an impetus for our new projects.

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