Argentina has the licensing license in the hidden region of Paraguay, but has a definition in terms of law

While Santiago Peña monitors the installation of the technology commission with the autoridades of the Administración General de Puertos (AGP) of Argentina to pay the new tariff in the hidden Paraguay-Paraná, the gobierno of Javier Milei will grant an international license for concessions de dragado and balizamiento del tramo which is from Santa Fe in Timbúes.

As there are financial resources for the private sector, tram traffic is distributed throughout the provincial capital in the north, while the idea of ​​an autopista river becomes more fluid and dynamic, while the country’s outbreak is implemented.

The first intervention of the Argentine president is rewarded by the US government, integrated in Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay, which receives a quid pro quo justified to set the rate for a unilateral form of Alberto Fernández in 2023.

The era of the Milei is halfway through the alarm by the bajante in the hidden air, caused by the failure of the air, but you can already make the transfer to the entrance and the salida to the regional trade.

Javier Milei.

Javier Milei.


Through the ministership of Obras Publics, member of Claudia Centurión, he has already turned over 10 million dollars to fight the barcazas in various criticisms of the Rio Paraguay. If there is an embargo, the water levels in the Puerto de Rosario will provide a solution for the start of the fast pace of treatment.

In the middle of the indefinite price and the bajante, the renunciation of the Undersecretary of Puertos and Vías Navegables de Argentina, Pablo Piccirilli, is the key to the process of licensing sold in the provinces, especially in Santa Fe, Mayor Claridad del Proyecto and Saber Quiénes intervene in the trabajos. This is a possible intervention of the European Union engineers, a point that Peña and Milei could reach.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has turned over 10 million dollars to combat the barracks sector in various criticisms from the Paraguayan region. If an embargo in the water in the Puerto de Rosario offers a solution for the start of the faster pace

Before there are international conflicts in Argentina, the autoridors of Paraguay have been given the opportunity to influence the negotiating table to determine a tasa provisoria. “The Undersecretary of Puertos has no influence on the negotiation activities at other times,” said LPO Julio César Vera, titular of the Nacional de Nacional de Navegación y Puertos (ANNP). .

“In principle it is the case that the reunion is always in Cancillería to make a fecha for the reunion of the mesa technology, while the feriado (miercoles) is complicit in a poco. You suspect that the principles of the proxima semana be a fecha”, explanation of the function.

Julio Cesar Vera.

Julio Cesar Vera.


You can record that the Paraguayan airlines have finally introduced an intermediate fare on Argentina’s AGP to guide the convoys around on the Santa Fe-Confluencia de hidrovía tram.

In the case of Argentina, it is not true that the embarcaciones with the links of the intergovernmental committee of the hidrovía committee are kept and give impetus to the coercive imposition of facts usually caused by my energy.

Argentina has canceled Diana Mondino through Brazil to talk to the gobierno of Lula about the fact that it is the private sector of Argentina and Paraguay in this theme.

At this moment, a fuente that is brought to attention is made explicit that “the rate of the estipulan, no hay-consenso, is an austerity cuestión.”

In this way it becomes clear that a Brazilian media campaign does not produce “a result”. “It is a defender that you know for sure. If you do a round of negotiations, you can do it after a regaló nada. Pensaron, which eliminates Milei, is the end of the day when you run out of hay”, concludes.

Fuente: La Politica Online