Chile has expelled 65 Venezuelans for violating the norm

A total of 65 Venezuelan citizens have been expelled Chili These four people are destined for Caracas because they infringe on normative migration, while informing the car information of the Chilean Gobier.

“The character getting into trouble at this point, or irregular ingredients being emitted. If you see a minor outsider living in today’s country, it is a minor who has a lot,” said Luis Eduardo Thayer, the director of Chile’s Servicio Nacional de Migraciones (Sermig).

The deported persons, 55 people guilty of intimidation, violence, drug trafficking or incendiary weapons; another 10 deportations are carried out administratively by a person undergoing a journey without habilitation.

“Trabajamos has a greater impact on deportation procedures and increases the country’s capacity,” Thayer says, adding that “mayoral faculties for the police and the National Migration Service” are needed.

During 2024, 411 deportations were carried out since the Gobier War, 208 by the administration and 203 by the judiciary.

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