The convocados of San Martín de Tucumán, with a great innovation

If you are dueling with All Boys, play a game with the “santo”.

At 7:40 PM, the defender of San Martín played in La Ciudadela in the zone of the Primera Nacional with the title All Boys. Diego Flores If you discover the list of convocados for this event, there is a great innovation for the world “santo”.

If you notice the latter results due to a contracture, Pablo Hernández share part of the list. The mediocampista who plays at Atlético, and who retires at the club of what this is, can take a few minutes, a unique bank of supplements, which has no title. If you are among the citados, you must do this Nicholas “Chuni” Moreno.

The rest of the convenings are part of the pro-agriculture delegation. There are no solo citados with mismos: the 11th time you repeat the series. As de cosas, Flores apostaría nuevamente por Dario Zand; Gonzalo Bettini, Agustin Dattola, Tiago Penalba, Diego Mastrangelo j Nahuel Banegas; Juan Cuevas, Gustavo Abregú and Leonardo Monje; Lautaro Fedele j Junior arias.

For your part, on the couch, exhale Hernández, estarán Nicolas Carrizo, Axel Bordón, Guillermo Ferracuti, Matias Garcia, Joaquín Ibáñez, Ivan Molinas, Gonzalo Rodriguez j Mateo Acosta.

San Martín de Tucumán receives confirmation for its debut in the Copa Argentina

While the negative reception was confirmed before the interest in the match, San Martín horario was confirmed for its debut in the Copa Argentina, ahead of Almirante Brown, in Santa Fe.

The issue was disputed in the Estadio Brigadier General López, who came against the Colón, the miércoles 15 of these months. The Copa Argentina organization confirms that the match starts at 5:15 PM. The tournament is part of the Boca in the 16th final.

This form, the “santo” tends to incorporate an agenda into practice. On Sunday 11, Tristán visits Suárez at 3:30 PM and after a few days faces the crucial match of the Copa Argentina. If this happens on the 17th of May, you will go to the Primera Nacional, with a confirmation and a horario.