Campeón de la Sudamericana le mete presión extra a la U

Marcos González talks to RedGol and anticipates the fundamental duel of this reign before the northern concepts.

La U is one of the winners of Campeonato Nacional.
© EDUARDO FORTES/PHOTOSPORTLa U is one of the winners of Campeonato Nacional.

University of Chile it’s definitely a point Campeonato Nationalporque transcurridas 10 fechas es el unico equipo que aún conoce la victoria y has a ventaja clear ante its rivals.

You are close to 24 points, more than Palestinian, while the metió presión is these quadruplets, while in the result of the match you go 11 times to the Deportes Copiapo with 3-1.

The azules have played a fundamental duel, while halfway through their persecution, deportes Iquique, they had a lance that played in the estadio Ester Roa Rebolledo de Concepción.

Marcos González is president of the U

To analyze the previous part of You with Iquique RedGol lamamos a Marcos GonzálezThe camp of the Copa Sudamericana with the laicos, where you know that Colo Colo is central to the Libertadores and that Gustavo Álvarez is the best guy.

Marcos González in his stage of the jugador de la U.

“Todos los partidos son clave para mí, porque hay que aprovechar que Colo Colo y Huachipato, equipos que el año pasado estaban and la parte alta de la tabla, is an international competence todavía, and often more ventaja se le saque a esos equipos, big. See how I do it, but for all my partidos son clave”, dijo el Lobo del Aire.

Is there a problem with conception? “You think life is bigger than me and this is not a good idea,” he said.

“La U siempre tene más responsabilidad, siendo local o no, siempre tene responsabilidad. The favorite is always that he is in the power, but not in the international equipment”, is the ex-selection of the nation.

Do you want to know what is Universidad de Chile vs Deportes Iquique?

The part of the Universidad de Chile en deportes Iquique, before the end of the Campeonato Nacional, is a pact for the fight on May 5, part of the 3:00 PM at the Ester Roa Rebolledo de Concepción stadium.

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