Parker Schnabel’s gamble in Brazil

Gold rush Season 14 ended with Parker Schnabel taking a big gamble and crushing it. Now in Parker’s Trail Season 7 will see Scannabel face some of the worst challenges he has ever faced when going for the gold. Fans know what he has survived in the past, including snow, medical emergencies and dangerous natives. But if there is gold, Parker wants to mine it!

When will season 7 premiere and what can fans of the Discovery gold mining adventure series expect in this South American gamble?

Here are all the details.

Parker Schnabel on Gold Rush / YouTubeParker Schnabel on Gold Rush / YouTube
Parker Schnabel on Gold Rush / YouTube

Discovery announces Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail Season 7

On Friday, TV insider reported that Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail is back for season 7. Over the years, in addition to the Klondike, he has gone to Alaska, Papua New Guinea, Guyana, Australia, New Zealand, Peru and Bolivia. This time he returns to South America and goes to Brazil.

Over the seasons he has chosen places based on his beloved late grandfather, John Schnabel, and because of good gold. He goes to Brazil because the gold is even better than in the Klondike. However, Brazil has many challenges for miners looking for big gold.

First, there are many miners hunting for gold. But not all mining sites are legal. These are closed by the local authorities. But Parker didn’t achieve success by being cautious. He is willing to go out of his way to learn from miners on legal and illegal sites. Most importantly, Parker learns a different mining method. This leads him to a place that has more gold than his notable Klondike hotspot.

Returning for this adventure is cinematographer Danny Etheridge. Doctor Dr. also returns. Diego Lizarzaburu. New this year is a local, Larissa Rodrigues. Larissa is not only from Brazil, but is also a mining expert.

The preview video already highlights many of the obstacles this team faced as they learned about the area and gold mining in Brazil. Furthermore, “Parker’s Golden Rules for Finding Gold” is a charming way to show the plethora of obstacles they face to reach the gold. This includes a dangerous location, some big cats, and unhappy locals who don’t want others to come in and mine away all the gold.

As always, this series promises adventure, fun and lots of gold.

When is the premiere of Parker’s Trail Season 7?

The two-hour premiere of Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail is Friday, May 31 at 8:00 PM, Eastern on the Discovery Channel. Additionally, this Brazilian adventure will be available to stream on Max.

Gold rush Fans, look forward to the latest Parker’s Trail? What types of abuse will Schnabel survive this time?

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