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In the macro of a visit archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalinala Minister of Vivienda, Catalina Velascoannounced a reversion of 385,000 million pesos to receive 18,201 program subsidies Cambia Mi Casa a level national.

The interventions on the island are realized by this community, which are other beneficiaries of a subsidy from 39 million pesos. The renovations include cambios de cubierta, large hydrosanitary facilities and renovations in baños and cocinasentre otros.

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The Cambia Mi Casa program has produced concrete results in San Andrés and the country that left the president of Gustavo Petro will transform Colombia’s way of life“, manifesto of Ministra Velasco.

Cambia Mi Casa

Ministerio de Vivienda

The message about the interests of major interests is a territorial charge and the ejection of major projects, such as popular associations, community associations, well-known compensation schemes and other constructors.

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Medianté Cambia Mi Casa, la subsidio can be fast 22 monthly minimum salaries (28.6 million pesos)Depending on the intervention tip, this is realistic. This can be in addition to the municipal and departmental gates.

The colleges are subject to the following conditions:

– Habitar la vivienda a intervenir.

– Owners or life enthusiasts have been able to benefit from the subsidy item for years.

– The value of the life force is inferior to the top of the VIS (175.5 million pesos), which is reached with the catastrophic value.

– Tener a puntaje de Sisbén IV igual or inferior a C18.

– You cannot benefit from your own life with a known life subsidy in a way of advertising, which lasts a maximum of 10 years, with exceptions.

Cambia Mi Casa

Ministerio de Vivienda

Since the community organizations have participated in the Cambia Mi Casa program, they can express their interest on the web page of the Ministerio de Vivienda, donde is de general information, preguntas frecuentes en convocatoria.

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The organizations discussed the anexos of the interesting convocation at [email protected]. Depending on what you see, inquire about your options and co-financing needs.

If the territorial entity, a community organization or other entity, is interested in the main life activities on the journey of Cambia Mi Casa, this may include the following information:

– Discover the different types of programs of Cambia Mi Casa and identify their characteristics, but it is more suitable.

– If you identify this, download the convocation to receive the information and the requirements to present.

– Send your manifesto of interest with information requests to the following page:

– We can accelerate the relations between the administrative actions with the cupos reserves, where the availability of presupuestals and the arrangement of the interest manifestations can be determined.

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